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  • When you plan a business, your first concern is investment. Every business aims at profits and Return on Investment (ROI). Hence, thinking about investment, you always wonder that how long would it take to achieve profits and when the desired ROI would start rolling. For the initial investment, funding has to be planned so that … Read more

    Chicago/Midwest, USA – October 20, 2015: Leo TechnoSoft is proud to carve a new milestone in the outsourced product engineering sector on a global platform. Two products that are under development by our business model have been listed among the Top 25 Alpha Products of Web Summit 2015 that will take place at Dublin on 3-5 … Read more

    Chicago/Midwest, USA – Sep 1, 2015: Leo TechnoSoft has established a Mobile Lab in India for bootstrap mobile innovation in a cost-effective environment. In the world of smartphones, iOS, Android and Windows are the trinity that dominate the Smartphone market. However, the nature of these operating systems, along with programming languages used to develop them … Read more

    Chicago/Midwest, USA – Aug 20, 2015: Leo TechnoSoft is proud to announce their contribution to a website that is dedicated to professional networking for entrepreneurs and job seekers among the Native American community. As announced by The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED), the Native Edge is now open for business. Leo TechnoSoft … Read more

    With development and operations aiming to become faster in today‘s world, there is a need for a system which makes development and operations easy in all programming languages. Such system is DevOps. What is DevOps? DevOps aims to bring development and operation into closer contact and allow them to collaborate more effectively, with the ultimate … Read more

    Service models are becoming the norm, if possible, in most industries. When the name of the game in a capital based economy is minimizing risk, upfront capital expenditures are often avoided if possible. Cloud computing is one of the best examples of this phenemenon. Cloud computing is a model for enabling omnipresent network access to … Read more

    Javascript is a programming language that is most commonly used as part of web browsers whose implementations allow client-side scripts to interact with the user, control the browser, communicate asynchronously, and alter the document content that is displayed. History of JavaScript: JavaScript was originally developed by Brendan Eich during his stint with Netscape Communications Corporation. … Read more

    When the concept of Internet was new, web-development was for the most part a purely functional data centric endeavor. User experience wasn’t something that was considered in the early days, and there were not yet the tools in place to provide the level of aesthetic variety one now experiences. Today front end development plays a … Read more

    Today, the IT World is feeling the urgent need of Document Management System. Hence, Leo TechnoSoft offers Document Management Service (DMS) for helping corporate organizations to keep all documents organized. With the desire to keep all documents handy and reduce paperwork to the minimum, DMS is a foolproof solution that any organization would desire. Why … Read more

    Los Angeles, USA – 6 July, 2015: Leo TechnoSoft is proud to present an innovative business model called BOMT (Build – Operate – Market – Transform) which is a hybrid partner product development model that offers a low-risk, hassle-free, cost-effective global sourcing strategy that blends the advantages of traditional outsourcing and captive centers. The unique … Read more

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