Mobile Lab builds platform for Church Community to bind & loose

February 23, 2017


In the tech-era where mobile apps has become a potent platform to stay connected. Globally the churches are…

Empowering Digital Marketing by Single Sign On with enhancing Security and Compliance

February 22, 2017


In today’s world, success of a company often rests on a solid reputation and brand value. Marketing builds brand…

Leading Midwest US Temperature monitoring equipment leverage IOT and mobility technology for wireless centralize monitoring

February 20, 2017



Temperature control is the most critical facet for food processing industry. Maintaining right temperature for specific food is necessary…

Overcoming compliance burdens while maximizing 24/7 security

February 17, 2017


From investment management to custodial holdings, Orbis Financial is directly responsible for the safety of assets and securities worth…

User Activity Visibility: The Weak Link for Enterprise Compliance and Security

February 15, 2017


Today’s compliance places strict limitations on the types of people who can access sensitive financial and corporate data. Unfortunately, many compliant organizations have little or no insight into who these […]

Zero Efforts To Migrate .NET Application To Multi Tenant SaaS Application

February 9, 2017

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has received a lot of success and adoption in the past couple of years. However, migrating from .NET application to multi tenancy has been an arduous task. As […]

Leo TechnoSoft enables IoT to build I-Key

January 6, 2017


Chicago/Midwest, USA – Oct 24, 2016: Internet of Things (IoT) is a phenomenon which is synonymous with a new age remote identification as well as security system featuring access via […]

User Activity Visibility:The Weak Link for Enterprise Compliance and Security-Webinar

November 12, 2016


Many firms these days are part of an extended enterprise. Due to connectivity involving third parties and services, fear of cyber spying and malware attacks always lurks. One can never […]

De-risk Your Startup Webinar

November 11, 2016


On 18 NOV 2016, we organized a Webinar that could help you to eliminate or mitigate all risks of Startup business. This webinar was followed by an open session of […]

Leo TechnoSoft‘s new collaboration unleashes WIT in India

October 19, 2016

leo hive collaboration

Pune, India – Oct 18, 2016: Single identification is necessary for various legal formalities. In digital age, things serving as identity of an individual range from passports to social security […]

Leo TechnoSoft develops digital Medical Library for easy storage and organization

September 22, 2016

Information Discovery is critical to complex healthcare environment. Medical science is expeditiously changing. Medical professionals rely on clinical information…

Leo TechnoSoft ploughs the web field for Midwests Leading Tractor manufacturer

September 16, 2016

Technology has changed the way industries were carrying out their businesses. The business processes are been automated and reengineered…

Build Smart SharePoint workflows for approval & Compliance

August 30, 2016

sharepoint for phARMA
Documentation is a critical component for pharmaceutical company. It facilitates audit and compliance for the pharma company,…

Small Businesses score edge with customers via Mobility

August 30, 2016


The competition between small businesses and big businesses is inevitable. With customers using mobile devices to purchase products, small business can increase their visibility in market by making themselves visible […]

Mobile Lab sprints for run2geo

August 25, 2016

Fitness industry is not untouched from presence of mobile apps. Apps are used for various purposes that include, enquiring…

OnCall serves Medical remedies through SaaS

August 19, 2016


Information Technology (IT) plays a major role in every aspect of healthcare industry. It ensures faster adaptability of advanced…

Heropay & Leo TechnSoft Rise Together

August 1, 2016


Every business idea faces some unique set of challenges. An idea must be evolved, developed and productize before it reaches…

Bond with colleagues and refresh the corporate atmosphere via Hobnobpal

July 13, 2016


Pune, India – June 28, 2016: Everybody likes to work in an office where the atmosphere is friendly. It is great to work with a positive frame of mind in […]