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    Carrying cash for shopping is passé. Some people do not carry cash due to the fear of losing it or getting robbed.Hence, they appreciate the silicone money in the form of mobile wallet where money is in a digital account can be used to make an online purchase.Mobile wallet is also helpful in redeeming coupons or gift vouchers which retailers give out in order to encourage customers to buy more.

    However, the system of coupons and gift vouchers cannot benefit retailers and shoppers if coupons are redeemed unfairly via fraudulent activities. In order to prevent this unpleasant situation, there is a need to centralize voucher with the mobile wallet of the customer who has received the voucher as a gift and this should be on a real time location.

    Centralizing the voucher with the mobile wallet of a customer has benefits for both retailers as well as customer.

    • Retailers can track the status of vouchers and corrupt employees at retail store cannot cheat customers by using vouchers themselves.
    • If a gift voucher is potential to misuse, the system that tracks the usage of gift vouchers, gives admin, the right to cancel that voucher. It also helps them to track the validity of the gift voucher and block it if it remains unused during validity period.
    • This system provides a means to streamline operations by integrating business processes into a single unit.
    • This system automates the process of tracking Gift Vouchers by the head office.
    • Voucher management system results in increased efficiency by reducing administration costs and improved performance.
    • All outstanding vouchers can be managed from the one place, making sales, redemption and   financial reporting simple.
    • Voucher Management System tracks the value of all outstanding vouchers and provides reports on sales and expiry dates.
    • All vouchers issued are saved in management centre, allowing the client to manage and control voucher sales easily from the one central system.
    • Voucher Management System runs sales reports, finds and re-issues vouchers, makes notes or validates & redeems vouchers without the nightmare of manual admin processes.

    Like vouchers, Retail Coupon Management System also has the purpose to prevent the unscrupulous use of coupons. Leo TechnoSoft has developed system that can automate POS processes and stores operations. This system provides centralized control for multi-store retailers.

    The coupon data pool guarantees to track & report coupon campaigns, saving manufacturers’ & retailers’ time, money and effort by eliminating complicated manual processes, inaccurate data, fraud and ongoing difficulties with clearing.

    This advanced management system for retail operations developed by Leo TechnoSoft enables:

    • Serial Number Tracking
    • Commission Tracking
    • Reduction of complexity through a central pool
    • Better decision making through up to the minute information
    • Overall view of retail business at any minute in time
    • Complete online monitoring
    • End-to-end process management

    Chicago, USA – December 19, 2014:  Leo TechnoSoft has designed an application called FinPay for the client Financial Payment that enables the user to keep a track of various kinds of payments. It also helps the customers of users to make online payments.

    FinPay makes it easy see the status of payments as it can present the segregated data of payments that are pending or received. It ensures quick collection of payment. FinPay works on the innovative business model called BOMT that is an innovation of Leo Technosoft. FinPay builds database of customers and their details, operates the reminders to be sent, markets the services of client by providing custom made solutions and services to them that are good for their business and lastly transforms the functioning of client businesses by smoothening the payment system.

    Keeping the record of various customers and payments pending from them was tedious and time-consuming task for the busy schedule of Financial Payment. Customers are also often too busy to go to payment centre and make payments. FinPay application not only facilitates customers to make payments easily but also helps the service providers (those using FinPin) to compile the list of payments, segregate them on the basis of “pending”, “received” etc.

    FinPay also makes it easy for the user to customize reminder mails regarding payments. The frequency of these mails can be decided and set on the basis of days, weeks, months or year. Mail has button for payment, clicking on which customers can sign up (or sign in) and make payment via credit card or e-cheques.

    With FinPay, businesses can receive access to services which provide them with the reports and information helpful to them regarding better financial decisions while providing them with services to help them jump start new ventures.

    About Financial Payment:

    FinPay provides Software as a Service (SaaS) online payment platform that allows small businesses to help them get paid faster, as well as manage their customers and receivables more efficiently.

    For further information on Financial Payment please visit:

    About Leo TechnoSoft:

    Set up in 2006, Leo TechnoSoft is an incubator for IT start-ups/Entrepreneurs to help cultivate their ideas into successful innovations using its unique trademarked model – BOMT (BUILD-OPERATE-MARKET-TRANSFER). The forte of Leo Technosoft also lies in efficient product development and services in cloud computing environment. Along with from these services, Leo Technosoft offers consultancy services to companies that want to build cloud computing facilities within their organizations.

    For further information on Leo TechnoSoft, please visit:


    Our FREE SaaS Assessment tool is a premeditated to help ISVs switch their traditional application to the revolutionary SaaS based environment there by easing out your skepticism to “SaaSify” your application. This prolific SaaS Assessment tool maps your application readiness to move into a SaaS platform on parameters like : Category Fit/Technical Fit/Application Development Maturity/Governance Maturity/Sourcing Maturity

    Based on your answer selections, our expert team will guide you whether your application is suitable in terms of maturity and feasibility for a move to SaaS platform; click here for a SaaS Assessment.

    To further know our SaaS consulting and development capabilities please check SaaS Tenant™

    The “Turn Key Project” or the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) Model is passé. Leo Technosoft’s latest BOMT (Build-Operate-Market-Transfer) Model is the key for success in Offshoring / Outsource product engineering. Gone are the days when the enterprise customer has to settle with low quality services due to limitations under the classic BOT. The BOMT Model promises a lucrative proposition for start-ups, ISVs & enterprises. (more…)

    Chicago, US – Sep 12, 2014: Leo TechnoSoft, a leading global technology partner in India, announced today that  Envisio IT, a leading service and solutions oriented Technology Company based out of northern Indiana in Midwestern US has merged with them. This merger has expanded Leo TechnoSoft’s global footprint, enabling it to offer technology  services to corporations across a broad range of markets in the US.
    The newly merged Envisio IT will operate under Leo TechnoSoft and its services and    solutions will be marketed through Leo TechnoSoft’s worldwide presence. It will offer a complete range of solutions, including Website Design and Development, Customized Software Development and Independent Software Testing. This breadth of offerings, combined with Leo TechnoSoft’s cost effective offshore development services will provide customers with new levels of service. Organizations of all sizes, from large enterprises to independent developers, will gain substantial operational value from the global infrastructure and flexibility of the combined company.
    “Envisio IT has an excellent reputation for their strong emphasis on utilizing technology that directly addresses the problems and needs of their customers thereby improving the effectiveness of their business strategies and operations, which makes us confident that this partnership will allow us to greatly expand our market share in Midwestern US,” said Satyen Jain, the Managing Director of Leo TechnoSoft. “They are a very successful IT solutions provider to the healthcare, manufacturing and technology markets, and have proven experience and expertise.”

    Leo TechnoSoft provides comprehensive IT solutions designed to streamline business processes and improve communication in the workplace. These solutions are enhanced with a range of consulting and integration services, besides software offerings. Their certified technical teams and experienced account managers work with clients to deliver innovative solutions to the most demanding IT challenges.

    “Envisio IT is dedicated to bring best-of-breed IT solutions to our client base. We are confident that the inclusion of Envisio IT’s services and solutions into our offerings will deliver a new level of support for our client base and business sector. Whereas, Leo TechnoSoft’s services will build upon Envisio IT’s local market know-how, its existing US marketing and sales presence, and its extensive network of business relationships throughout the region. We look forward to working with Envisio IT to build an even stronger company in the future.” further added Satyen Jain.

    About Leo TechnoSoft

    Leo TechnoSoft is a technology partner specializing in building, serving, managing and extending technology on Cloud and SaaS environment having presence in India, US and Singapore. It partners with organizations, empowering them to attain cost effective product development in SaaS environment. With a global presence, Leo TechnoSoft is armed to meet client’s needs regardless of their location. This has made the organization a preferred partner-of-choice for small and medium sized companies looking for on-time delivery and high quality product development solutions.

    For further information on Leo TechnoSoft, please visit:

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