Benefits of Business Intelligence to Marketing and Media

By admin, July 10, 2013

Marketing functions have become analytical due to availability of performance data. With Business Intelligence solutions, marketing and media managers can easily use this data to set best practices, take decisions that are in sync with the company strategy, and improve the reporting of huge marketing data. Hence, marketing companies of all sizes have begun depending on Business Intelligence tools to survive and succeed.


Understanding the customers
Marketing companies require both speed and precision in decision making for attracting new customers. It is essential to manage customer relations to become a successful organization. Using marketing business intelligence makes a company customer centric, wherein they respond to customer needs quickly while exceeding their expectations.

Tracking the Marketing Metrics
Marketing managers require driving business operations in such a way that they align with the strategic goals. Business Intelligence Solutions help companies measure predefined marketing metrics and track the performance of the company against the targets.

Advanced Data Reporting
Companies can visualize the marketing data through BI Reporting tools like pivot tables, charts, etc. The tools help companies to integrate the data on mobile devices, which offers instant access to marketing intelligence, irrespective of the location.

Enhanced Collaboration
With business intelligence reporting, it is easy for marketing organizations to collaborate the results, projects, and reports in real time. They can share them with others by using different communication tools. Managers can track the project history and easily dispatch the generated reports.

Leo TechnoSoft
Leo TechnoSoft’s Business Intelligence software helps media and marketing companies to cut costs, allocate resources, set and achieve targets, etc. With this, it has become easy for managers to determine the best marketing campaign and use them for predictive analysis. Using bi for marketing has made it easy to take goal aligned decision, set growth objectives and develop such strategies that assure long term success of the company. Leo TechnoSoft offers a complete life cycle for Business Intelligence. Our comprehensive reporting and analytic solutions provide a intuitive front end where as expertise in ETL, Data mining tools and consolidation of data makes us commendable in Data Warehouse implementation.

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