Leo TechnoSoft develops digital Medical Library for easy storage and organization

September 22, 2016

Information Discovery is critical to complex healthcare environment. Medical science is expeditiously changing. Medical professionals rely on clinical information… Read More

Leo TechnoSoft ploughs the web field for Midwests Leading Tractor manufacturer

September 16, 2016

Technology has changed the way industries were carrying out their businesses. The business processes are been automated and reengineered… Read More

Build Smart SharePoint workflows for approval & Compliance

August 30, 2016

sharepoint for phARMA
Documentation is a critical component for pharmaceutical company. It facilitates audit and compliance for the pharma company,… Read More

Mobile Lab sprints for run2geo

August 25, 2016

Fitness industry is not untouched from presence of mobile apps. Apps are used for various purposes that include, enquiring… Read More

Connect with colleagues on the basis of your interests via Hobnobpal

June 9, 2016


Customer Profile: Hobnobpal is a mobile application developed by Leo TechnoSoft for providing a social networking environment for corporate employees to connect with each other and know each other better, strengthening team spirit. This… Read More

Compare processing fee smartly with Heropay

June 8, 2016


Customer Profile: HeroPay is a startup that helps merchants select the “payment processing” most suitable to their business. HeroPay is founded by Hiro Taylor and its based in California, USA. Read More

Via online sales, Digital Hill symbolizes the peak of comfort

May 24, 2016


Customer Profile: Digital Hill is an US-based online store where third party products are sold. It sells trousers, headwear, outerwear, sportswear, decoration and shorts manufactured by a company called Alpha Products. Read More

Quickvent puts the entire event calendar at your fingertips

August 18, 2015


Customer Profile: Clients are a bunch of college students who used to organize and manage many events in college. They needed an app for event management that could reduce their time and cost of… Read More

Old social media posts die with Backspace

August 12, 2015


Customer Profile: Backspace is a social networking platform which allows users to keep their posts online just for 24 hours. After the posts get deleted in 24 hours, users will not get superflous notifications… Read More

SOP Tracking System| RPG Life Sciences

May 27, 2015


Customer Profile: RPG Life Sciences is a research based, pharmaceutical company operating in the domestic and international markets in the Branded Formulations, Global Generics, Synthetic and Fermentation APIs space. It produces a wide range… Read More

JCBrace App swiftly helps doctors and patients via prosthetic vendors

January 17, 2015


Customer Profile: JC Orthopedic Inc. is our client based in Brick, New Jersey. They aim to provide quality Orthotic & Prosthetic appliances that focus on patient needs. They also focus on a comfortable environment… Read More