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By admin, July 12, 2010

Our client is a learning-technology company that integrates learning content management, social media, workforce analytics, knowledge management and competency modelling in one Learning Management System (LMS). They are amongst the first learning technology providers to address the convergence of learning and performance management.


Leo Technosoft has been instrumental in developing web based E-learning solutions. Our E-learning solutions have the well-thought of and sophisticated architecture allowing the admin to manage real-time data of users under the respective courses.

Keeping online track of registered learners of the course, easy modification and amendments in the courseware, encouraging employees to take participation for their own learning etc were a few complexities faced by our professionals. Based on international E-learning standards, Leo Technosoft developed iLearn that leverages its users with the advantage of one of the most user-friendly, stable, secure and robust E-learning solutions.

The admin can add / modify / delete / view courses under a job and also adds questions for the exercises. It gives complete control to employees about when and where to study.



Business Situation

Our client had difficulties meeting the international academic standards, being in sync with the growing competition; meeting the academic challenges of rapidly changing corporate demands. They wanted an experienced team to design them software that would provide a solution to all these difficulties.


Leo TechnoSoft with its expertise developed a web based E-learning solutions that comprises of various advanced presentation, collaborative tools for a wide range of audiences.


• ASP.Net
• C#
• C++


E-learning solution provides better understanding of the course with the help of graphics, sound, animation, multimedia, etc.

Developed in the year


Country or Region

United States

Leo TechnoSoft Product Engineering Services

Leo TechnoSoft provides a full length Product Engineering services in SaaS and enterprise environment which leads to cost savings, better efficiency and performance to the ISV’s.

We take pride in informing you that we build, manage and market solutions in 50% less time and 100% accuracy with the help of reusable framework module called “SaaS Tenant” and software test automation.

We control our AGILE and SCRUM process with great expertise and highest quality standards creating a unique platform for the services we offer.

Leo TechnoSoft has partnered with numerous ISV’s for past few years and transferred their products onto the SaaS Environment, with a reasonable share of success.