By admin, June 8, 2018

The world is becoming digital savvy and so is the education system. The way of learning and exploring various subjects has been changed. The students are seeking for the simple and easy teaching methods for understanding. Though the classroom teaching is beneficial, the personal learning always enhances the learning process.
The client was planning to build a platform for the students who are seeking academic help and for the tutors to give them the recognition for the teaching skills and depth of the knowledge. The client wanted to diminish the geographical and age barrier for learning the new subjects. The client found a way to accomplish the objective i.e. by developing the “Highq.”
Highq is the e-learning platform for the students as well as for the tutors who can attend and provide the lectures.
To build this platform the client was facing the following challenges. Therefore the client approached Leo Technosoft to overcome the challenges and successfully executed the plan to build this platform.






Tutor selection  :

The platform is for severing the highly skilled and knowledgeable professional tutors across the globe to the worldwide students. To maintain the standard of the platform the tutor verification was challenging.

The content of the course :

Though the tutor is verified, there is the need for verifying the course and its content. The course should be up to the mark and should have value for money. Approval and verifying the course content was one of the challenges.

Session management :

There is the number of students who are applying for the session. There could be limited numbers of seats, so there was a challenge how to accommodate all the students and whom to give the priority and how to manage waiting list of the students.

Tutor payment and course fee structure : 

The platform wants to build the easy and quick payment system to have transparent transaction system.


The Leo Technosoft understood the need and requirement of the platform. To simplify the process, the functionalities and responsibilities are divided between types of account holders. Therefore the following accounts are made available on the platform and they are interconnected –

1. Student’s account
2. Tutor’s account
3. Admin’s account.

Verification of the tutor :

The student can register himself irrespective of the age barrier. To attend the lectures the registration is mandatory for the students. But the student verification is not done by the admin. However, for the tutor, the registration process is completed only when he or she is verified by the admin.

Verification of the course :

Though the verification of the tutor is done, still the course, file or any study material is approved by the backend of the platform. Once they are verified and approved then only the tutor can start conducting the courses and the following sessions on the subject.

Session scheduling :

To avoid the conflicts and to maintain the decorum the tutor as well as the student has to keep the gap of one hour between the two course or sessions.

Student wallet :

So the concept is when the student registers the wallet is supposed to have zero balance. To book courses or order the course the student has to recharge the wallet. In this way, the process of attending the course gets simplified.

Live lecture :

To attend the live lecture, the registered student has to buy the course. The course sets are served on first come first serve basis. All the session details are sent to the student like time, date, topic etc. If the live lecture is canceled due to some reason then it is informed to the student and the complete fee is refunded. If the student cancels the lecture then some percentages of the fee is refunded to the student in their wallet.
The teaching methodologies would be one tutor and selected number of students. There could be one student one tutor session available as well as one tutor and ‘N’ no of the students. It depends upon the tutor and the applicant student.


Accommodates need of student and tutor :

The need of students and tutor is fulfilling with the online mode of learning. The learning and teaching methods become easier, comfortable, and time flexible.

Quick delivery of lessons :

The delivery of the lessons becomes quick and flexible. The sharing of the study material, assessing the content and discussing the topics becomes easy.

Cost effective  :

The desired courses are available at reasonable cost; therefore for the students, it becomes affordable. For the tutors, it is the cost saving platform as the tutor need not invest in the classroom and other teaching material.


In this way, Leo Technosoft understood the need of the client. The development team of Leo Technosoft overcomes the challenges by finding the desirable solution and successfully builds the “Highq” e-learning platform.

About Leo TechnoSoft 

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