Cloud Computing Services to Manage Complex Paradigms

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While this is a well-known fact that Pharmaceutical Companies are required to work in a global environment, there are number of challenges that they face in a daily routine – be it competition on an international level, profitability, revenue growth, etc. However, the most challenging is the management of sales force. Confirming to industry standards, the companies are required to manage a vast sales force, which is not an easy ... Read more

It’s the applications that make mobile phones interesting. They act as a magnet and make users hang on to their mobiles for hours together. And if the user is iPhone or an iPad holder, then the applications need to be innovative as there is so much to do with these phones. Social networking applications are majorly used by high-end device users. By deploying meticulous programming skills and technical expertise, the ... Read more

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The world is going virtual. Let’s take the example of offices. CEO’s have two personal assistants, and the first one is mobile. Instead of a human reminding them of appointments, it’s their smart phones that bling to indicate a meeting time or for that matter a new mail in inbox. Smart Phones not only double up as secretaries, but also laptops. They come handy to make a power point presentation, ... Read more

Categories: Articles, iPhone, Mobile
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