Cloud Computing Services to Manage Complex Paradigms

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SaaS technology has revolutionised the way business is established, operated and managed. Software as a Service or SaaS technology is a type of cloud computing in Information Technology. SaaS is the perfect business model not only for bigger companies but also for small and medium sized companies. In fact, small companies get the same functional freedom as bigger companies by adopting SaaS model. Without investing in massive infrastructure, such companies ... Read more

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SaaS (Software as a Service) is definitely the future of Information Technology. A form of Cloud Computing, it is one of the models of software distribution wherein the vendor or alternatively a service provider (SaaS developer) hosts the applications while making them available to the customers through a network, in most cases, the internet. Also recognised as the on-demand type of software, SaaS is accessed by the users through the ... Read more

Categories: Articles, SAAS Development

Companies today live in the world of Information Technology. When a company is in the start-up stage, it needs to consider many types of cost, right from preparing the Information Technology set up to purchasing licenses of software applications and related hardware. The summed up total cost can become overbearing for a company, especially a start-up. Such companies can take the help of Software as a Service, abbreviated as SaaS. ... Read more

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