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  • Image Processing Services | WallEye

    Posted by Admin on April 10th, 2012


    Customer Profile
      Our client, Rory Barber is an individual who has invested his hard earned money into this project. This project has been his brain child where he has sat, discussed and voiced his suggestions to the team of Leo Technosoft.


      Have you ever dreamt to be an interior designer to add an exclusive touch to your own sweet home? Does reflecting your own touch of personality to your interiors fascinates you but unsure about your own designer skills? Then fret not! WallEye ia a fascinating application tailored to hone your skills and showcase it too.

      Being an iPhone and iPad application, it’s adapted to adorn home decoration. All the user needs to do is select a wall, select a product suitable to the user’s eye varying from TV, fridge, etc. and add his own dash of creativity. The options of resizing, coloring, rotation and swap product functionality are available. Utilizing this, whole range of alterations can be made. The end result is a brand new wall adorning your home. This later can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

      Simply entering the aesthetics the user can speed up his imagination and execute it as well in real time. Capturing a wall and setting up your own WallEye was never so easy!


      Image Processing Application


    Business Situation
      Our client wanted to develop a matchless image processing application that would enable the user to decorate his own walls and simplify the process of designing.


      Understanding our client’s requirement the endowed team of Leo TechnoSoft developed a sweeping application that has the basic functions to help the user in trying out different trends of designing. A SQLite database was maintained for the implementation of the same. The other technologies required were Ulkit Framework, Foundation Framework, Coregraphics Framework, Quartz Core Framework, System Configuration Framework, Mobile Core Services Framework and CF Network Framework.


      • X Code
      • IOS Framework
      • Appkit
      • Cocoa Framework
      • Cocoa Touch
      • Objective C / C++


      WallEye is an artistic application that gives the user freedom to incorporate his own mind's eye to decorate his own wall. It’s also favourable for boosting one’s creative instinct.


    Developed in the year


    Country or Region
      United States


    Leo TechnoSoft Image Processing Services
      Leo TechnoSoft is hybrid outsource Software Product Development Company based in Asia, US and Europe. We specialize in outsourced product development and IT services providing our global clients value for their money to meet specific business needs.

      We provide robust image processing applications to consumers worldwide. Our services range over providing CMOS image sensors, image processors and peerless technical and business acumen to customers around the globe. We believe in providing great imaging solutions and providing great service and support. We’re focused on enabling our customers to capture, analyze, and render the clearest and most vibrant images possible regardless of application, form factor, resolution, or frame rate.



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