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    Posted by Admin on August 14th, 2012


    Customer Profile
      Our client Cloud-Mart, LLC offers advertising and marketing services, namely, promoting the goods, services, brand identity and other commercial information of third parties through all public communication means, including the provision of one or more websites for such purposes.


      Cloudmart, cloud based coupon distribution system designed by the practised team of Leo TechnoSoft, gives the power to the distributors to design campaigns and add coupons online and get the targeted customers almost hassle free. It’s a complete coupon distribution & management platform that creates effective coupons in seconds while targeting customers according to geo & profile location. Through Cloudmart coupons can be distributed to partner sites, all containing a distinct bar code with unique discount offering. Designed robustly, it eases out the distribution cycle for distributors and makes it a plain sailing process for consumers for downloading coupons online.


      Media & Advertising


    Business Situation
      Our client was looking for a geolocation based coupon distribution and management system that would simplify the distribution as well as purchasing of coupons.


      The Leo TechnoSoft team developed all inclusive coupon management software which eases the distribution pattern for distributors looking to target customers according to profiles. Downloading coupons was made effortless with the incorporation of the PDF format. Consequently, the team turned the whole distribution cycle nippy and user friendly.


      • Python
      • Mobile
      • MySQL
      • Apache Web Server


      For distributors:
      • Helps well-organized campaign designing online
      • Can target consumers according to geolocation and set criteria i.e. profiles
      • A complete coupon management platform simplifying distribution

      For consumers
      • Easy downloading of coupons online via PDF


    Developed in the year


    Country or Region


    Leo TechnoSoft Services for Media & Advertising
      Leo TechnoSoft is hybrid outsource Software Product Development Company based in Asia, US and Europe. We specialize in outsourced product development and IT services providing our global clients value for their money to meet specific business needs.

      Our specialized Mobile application development teams focus on developing, porting and testing across various platforms such as iOS, Android Windows Phone 7. We have a specialized team working for the advertising and marketing domain.

      We perform agile application development methodology, which includes graphic design, character development, programming, mathematics, complex level design and testing across multiple mobile platforms.



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