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    Posted by Admin on July 12th, 2010

    Offshore Professional Services

    • Integration and Deployment
    • The client is an established player in the software security arena around the globe.


    • Enterprise Applications



      Owing to the dynamic nature of the business the client brings new software products into the market from time to time. In continuation with the same, the client came up with a product that would greatly enhance the security of all financial transactions over the internet.

      The clients’ sales team presented the demo of their latest innovation to one of the largest banks in the US; however the stakeholders within the bank would not be convinced by presenting a mere demonstration of the product. They asked for a functional prototype which would allow them to see the product in action in a real time scenario.

      However, a time stamp was embedded for the development of the prototype as the bank was embarking to restructure the organization and all the procurement activities would be halted during the entire period of restructuring.

      The client already had an uphill task to continue work on engineering side of the product and accommodating any request outside their proposed development plan was next to impossible.

      Leo TechnoSoft was roped in to design and develop the entire pilot project that would later be presented to the bank as a fully functional prototype. Leo TechnoSoft conducted a detailed scope analysis of the project in a record 3 days time and started work on the functional prototype. Within a span of 3 weeks Leo TechnoSoft delivered the final functional version to the client, thereby completing the project well in advance by 2 weeks.

      The outcome of this timely partnership resulted in the closure of business for the client and renewed business opportunities of greater value for Leo TechnoSoft.


    • Professional Services for PE


    • Integration and Deployment
    • The client is an established player in the software security arena around the globe.



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