Cloud Computing Services to Manage Complex Paradigms
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  • SaaS, i.e., Software as a Service is the most popular delivery model existing in the market today for a wide variety of business applications. Being the most renowned division of cloud computing, its popularity is increasing in leaps and bounds with more and more businesses going for SaaS solutions. In SaaS, business applications of various kinds are hosted as well as managed in a service provider’s datacenter and are employed by subscribing to it on an yearly or quarterly payment basis. It is accessible over an internet connection via any browser. (more…)

    Leo Technosoft’s MD at MIT Pune
    Pune, India – November 16, 2013: Leo TechnoSoft’s Managing Director, Satyen Jain, delivered a seminar on “Entrepreneurship” organized by Investronaut, at Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune, for its MBA and MCA department. Satyen Jain established Leo Technosoft in 2006 and today, he is a successful entrepreneur. Having attained the fruit of success himself, he delivered a rousing speech to the students of MIT to help them understand the importance of entrepreneurship more vividly. His speech addressed the core issues about entrepreneurship, focussing primarily on stimulating the creation and development of small to medium-sized enterprises in India. (more…)

    Leo TechnoSoft’s mobile application department has developed an incredible mobile app O&P Ease for Floyd Brace, a leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) patient care services. The application can be leveraged for vital functions like maintaining patients’ records and managing their O&P equipment orders online. (more…)

    Pharmaceutical industry is one of the exceedingly regulated domains in the world and the bases of its success lies on inducing and boosting drug development, building a pipeline of novel drugs and reducing operational costs. One of the leading challenges of the pharmaceutical domain is to attain cost-effective compliance. Simultaneously, it struggles to meet business users’ requirements to get access across a multifaceted and quickly altering IT infrastructure which is extensively accepting cloud-based applications and mobile access. (more…)

    Migration process of an on-premise product to off- premise, i.e. SaaS (Software as a Service), is as effortless as can be. However, at times the migration could demand re-designing of the entire product. ISVs hired to do the migration need to be cognizant of certain aspects that affects the SaaS migration strategy.

    Following are the key aspects:-

    • Multi-Tenancy

    Multi-Tenancy is an architectural ability which facilitates an application to react differently to different logical groups. It is generally exercised by the configuration settings that are operated by a multi-tenant framework. (more…)

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