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  • BI Reports and Measurement System | Event Evaluator

    Posted by Admin on April 10th, 2012

    Event Evaluator

    Customer Profile
      Our client has been redefining lead capture and qualification, e-literature and measurement. They are professionals with decades of experience in exhibits and events. They offer a flexible, personalized event-tested technology solution that gives you valuable metrics and immediate business insight.


      Leo TechnoSoft designed a SaaS-based system called ‘Event Evaluator’ with its team of SaaS experts to offer our client a simple User Interface that will allow them to organize their events and exhibition. With numerous challenge in hand like integrating with kiosk machine, BI reports in fly, huge number of records and massive database our experts had to confront a rather difficult quest.

      ‘Event Evaluator’ was made with a view to enable our client to structure and store critical measurement data and a ranking methodology that can guide a budgeting or event program planning cycle. We designed and developed a Smart, strategic marketing system that connects any clients brands with their audiences by carefully weaving technology into the experience.

      With features like Event Tracking, Lead Capturing, Event Metrics, Event Segmentation, Event Reporting etc, ‘Event Evaluator’ turned out to be fast and flexible way to access reports for all the exhibit & event programs.


      Exhibit & Events


    Business Situation
      Our client being an exhibits and events industry needed a SaaS expert team who could develop software that could give them detailed information about the event or exhibition at a glance without taking much of their time.


      Leo TechnoSoft with its SaaS experts took charge and developed a SaaS based software, ‘Event Evaluator’ which provides revolutionary lead tracking, e-literature and instant metrics, all-in-one system. We successfully provided our client a comprehensive solution for intelligence lead tracking system in a very short span of time.


      • SaaS Tenant
      • .NET Framework
      • C# / MSSQL
      • Telerik
      • AJAX


      Streamlined operations result in accurate reports on events expenses and returns. It provides you with instant business insight and valuable metrics.


    Developed in the year


    Country or Region
      United States


    Leo TechnoSoft Product Engineering Services
      Leo TechnoSoft provides a full length Product Engineering services in SaaS and enterprise environment which leads to cost savings, better efficiency and performance to the ISV’s.

      We take pride in informing you that we build, manage and market solutions in 50% less time and 100% accuracy with the help of reusable framework module called “SaaS Tenant” and software test automation.

      We control our AGILE and SCRUM process with great expertise and highest quality standards creating a unique platform for the services we offer.

      Leo TechnoSoft has partnered with numerous ISV’s for past few years and transferred their products onto the SaaS Environment, with a reasonable share of success.



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