Business Intelligence Solutions for Pharmaceutical IT Services
Whether your enterprise sells prescription or non-prescription drugs or other pharmaceutical products, your business needs to process a large volume of information. To make this information meaningful and usable, it must be integrated with data from all other enterprise systems and reported in a way that will support business decisions and make it easy for the business user to quickly analyse issues and stay abreast of the latest developments and problems.
Clinical Data Analysis
Evaluate and streamline voluminous data and filter, sort and rank this information to analyse trends, irregularity, and risk during product development and launch.
Establish and Monitor Quality and Risk
Monitor the results and targets with summary and detailed reporting to quickly assimilate information.
Personalised, automated alerts allow users to receive immediate notification of a quality issue and to take swift corrective action to ensure that the enterprise can mitigate risk and manage performance.
Marketing and Sales Analysis
Identify the most profitable product and allocation of marketing and sales funding and resources.
Analyse consumer buying behaviour, marketing campaigns, sales performance against targets at various levels, prescription renewal and product purchases.
inancial and Operational Performance Management Enables financial performance and allows the organisation to establish and meet goals and track progress.
Executives and managers can monitor the financial health of the organisation and create and share reports to comply with government and industry regulations.
Profitability Management
Evaluate short-term and long-term risk trends and forecast profitability with dependable data.
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Leo TechnoSoft
Leo TechnoSoft’s BI system combines data management (consolidating, organizing, and cleansing huge amounts of disparate data from varying systems and platforms) with predictive analytics (data mining, forecasting and optimization). Retailers can make sense of customer, product, supplier, and operational data and draw insights that will help them run their businesses better and more profitably.
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