Business Intelligence Solutions for Retail IT Services
The competitive game is changing for retail. As the industry continues to consolidate, retailers have begun to realize that using technology to better understand customer buying behaviour, to drive sales and profitability, and to reduce operational costs is a necessity for long-term survival.
(Eliminate Stock outs and Overstocks Anywhere, Anytime)
With BI Users can quickly accelerate shipments by evaluating top-selling products, make markdown decisions based on seasonal sell-through, cancel shipments for bottom-selling products, and communicate more effectively with vendors.
Customer Analytics
(Understand Your Most Valuable Customers. Target Them to Maximize Profits and Loyalty)
BI helps retailers discover who their customers are. Identify their unique characteristics, and know what products they purchase and why. Track the impact of promotions on customer baskets as they move through your stores.
Vendor Management
(Analyze Vendor Performance, Drive Improvement, and Strengthen Negotiations. Improve Performance Across the Supply Chain)
A comprehensive Vendor Scorecard gives you the right information to take the right action at the right time.
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Leo TechnoSoft
Leo TechnoSoft’s BI system combines data management (consolidating, organizing, and cleansing huge amounts of disparate data from varying systems and platforms) with predictive analytics (data mining, forecasting and optimization). Retailers can make sense of customer, product, supplier, and operational data and draw insights that will help them run their businesses better and more profitably.
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