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No matter which industry you are in, or the nature of your business, all organizations need one common element to be successful—information. And, to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace you must have the ability to quickly turn information into easy to analyze business intelligence.
Business intelligence solutions like OLAP cubes, charts, graphs, grids and dashboards enable top management to analyze high volumes of information in very clear and understandable format and provide effective support during the decision-making process.
Data Warehousing
BI helps to review and calibrate existing business processes.
A smart data warehouse solution enables effective capturing, cross-linking and retrieving the key data from multiple processing systems, customer data directories, CMS, etc. & securely delivering it to a single consolidated database.
Analysis & Reporting
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems filter, sort, analyze and present selected data in various levels of detail.
Provide executives and senior managers with comprehensive reports for insightful decision-making.
Specialized analysis models that help business aggregate data according to specific user-defined parameters and deliver comprehensive reports in just seconds!
The inbuilt decision engineering module performs real-time analysis and generates action scenarios like forecasting, optimization algorithms, simulations, decision trees, etc. to foresee the results of decisions.
With multiple options for data visualization and presentation (charts, diagrams, digital dashboards, scorecards, spreadsheets generation), you can make the optimum use of the deployed capabilities and get a clear vision of your division- or company-level performance.
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Leo TechnoSoft
Leo TechnoSoft’s BI system combines data management (consolidating, organizing, and cleansing huge amounts of disparate data from varying systems and platforms) with predictive analytics (data mining, forecasting and optimization). Retailers can make sense of customer, product, supplier, and operational data and draw insights that will help them run their businesses better and more profitably.
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