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SaaS-TenantTM is a Multi Tenant SaaS framework by Leo TechnoSoft, which enables fast and easy transition of existing applications into the multi-tenant SaaS application on the cloud. This gives a great deal of secured control over your cloud solution along with complete privacy and ownership of the framework, without investing years in building Multi Tenant framework yourself. Together with our feature of rich modules, SaaS-TenantTM gives you unparalleled capabilities in building, managing, monitoring and administering your SaaS applications.
Benefits of Using "SaaS-TenantTM" Framework
Reduces development time, thus saving development costs
This hastens Time to Market, which brings overall revenue objectives into sight much sooner
High Secured architecture emphasising more Security of your data which follows rigorous security standards
Robust and Standardized Architecture to increase Agility
Limitless Scalability and Low maintenance IT cost
Secure SaaS based Web service to provide mobile extension
Case Study
Our case study reflects our journey and our achievement. The numerous challenges faced by our team makes our success stories worth reading. (more...)
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Leo TechnoSoft
Leo TechnoSoft set up in 2006, is one of the leading Outsource / Offshore R&D Product Engineering Company with expertise in building SaaS solutions. We act as a technology partner specializing in building, serving, managing and extending technology on Cloud and SaaS environment having presence in India, US and Singapore. We have emerged as a Cloud/SaaS R&D company with over 40 successful end to end Enterprise SaaS product development and implementations.
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SaaS Consulting
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Professional IT Services
Vulnerability & Penetration Testing
Cloud Monitoring & Security
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