Drupal | ThinkWell

August 8, 2010

Solution Building a huge social networking site under development and contains more than 300 pages and 280 modules TECHNOLOGY • Drupal • MYSQL • Apache RESOLUTION A site to display […]


August 8, 2010

Solution • Building A website for law enforcement agency in the united states of America for showing the criminal’s record and registering any criminal activity videos and images as the […]

Magento Development | TSCH

August 8, 2010

Solution • Optimized online store functionality • Categorize leads as ‘prospective’, ’sales-ready’ and ‘qualified’ opportunities • Maintain a data base TECHNOLOGY • Magento • MYSQL • Apache RESOLUTION Development of […]

DotNetNuke Portal | Tardus

August 8, 2010

Solution Tradus Wealth Builder wanted to build a site with an application having four parts, (Marketing, Customer, Representative and Partners), with unique features and functionality for each. User: Developing an […]

DotNetNuke Portal | CC

August 8, 2010

Solution A leading Organizational Development consulting firm wanted to build and establish their brand image in an overcrowded market with focus on students and organization realize their actual potential to […]

Enterprise CMS | NGF

August 8, 2010

Solution The Netherland Golf federation wanted a site that would not only reflect the history of Golfing in Netherland but also the future of the sport in the country. TECHNOLOGY […]

eCommerce Development | Lecturama

August 8, 2010

Solution Designing and developing an online marketplace, where buyers can have a hassle-free and secure buying experience. TECHNOLOGY • .net • VB.net • DNN Shopping Card • DNN 4.9 RESOLUTION […]

Workspace Collaboration | NGO

August 8, 2010

Solution Build a Networking site where the communities of a specific organization spread in different corner of the world can link together, update each other about announcements, private Messaging, Job […]

Web 2.0 Collaboration | MBK

August 8, 2010

Solution Engage in an iterative (repetitious) process for providing practical solutions to today’s persistent, local and global problems. TECHNOLOGY • Silverlight • C# • SQL 2005 • DNN 4.9 • […]

Web based Collaboration | DMF

August 8, 2010

Solution Developing an online Video library site were the CAST, CREW, PRODUCTION COMPANIES and SERVICE COMPANIES can create their profile, can search desired profiles and can network together. Also they […]

Enterprise Collaboration | Escapeclub

August 8, 2010

Solution The client wanted to develop a frequent guest user program to be used for secure bookings and online memberships. TECHNOLOGY • Drupal • MYSQL • PHP • Apache RESOLUTION […]

Application Development | Pieroth

August 8, 2010

Solution The challenge was to transfer the product and user data in the existing AS400 system to the Intranet. The proposed system would also need to be robust enough to […]

Internet Application | Zurich

August 8, 2010

Solution: Zurich Financial Services Group needed a restaurant portal to cater to both diners and restaurant owners in Japan. TECHNOLOGY • J2EE • Liferay • Jboss RESOLUTION The portal needed […]

Liferay Portal | City Hawk

August 8, 2010

Solution Citizen wanted to develop a client management application where client could see all reports, branding strategies, domain recoveries and status of reputation management activities end to end. The challenge […]

Insurance Software System | GEP

August 8, 2010

Solution: Berhad wanted to develop an online system that would allow their agents across world to access to the documents and process online insurance policy and claims. The challenge was […]

BackChat | Jboss Liferay

August 8, 2010

Solution: BackChat Mobile wanted to develop a online system that would allow their agents across world to activate SIM and manage account independently including online billing and payment system. They […]

Portal Development | Journey

August 7, 2010

Solution To showcase images and other items online in the most effective manner together with facilitating a hassle-free online buying experience. TECHNOLOGY • .net • VB.net • DNN Shopping Card […]

Health Care Companies Adhere to Digital Central Repository System to Reduce Cost and Increase Overall Productivity.

July 25, 2010

In any form of business, it is a common practice to store valuable information about company customers and the markets where they usually operate. And if you are into a […]