Risk Management Software Development

July 12, 2010


Solution Operational risk — the risk stemming from the failure of computer systems, control procedures, Human error — captures a mixture of events, some of which involve relatively frequent small […]

Procurement Software Development

July 12, 2010


Solution Visibility of Purchase Volume Assessing TCO Vendor Management Inside / Outside Collaboration TECHNOLOGY ASP.Net VB.Net DNN MSSQL Telerik EDI RESOLUTION Perfect Purchase was an OMS (Order Management System) that […]

On Demand ERP

July 12, 2010


Customer Profile: Our client is in Powder Coating Industry that offers complete step-by-step organizational structure through the entire powder coating workflow process. Overview Leo TechnoSoft’s prime challenge here was to […]

Systems24 – Helpdesk Outsourcing

July 12, 2010


Customer Profile: Our client, Arden Systems, is a managed services provider. They are basically an IT services provider who manage and assume responsibility for rendering definite services to their clients […]

CacheWorks Software Development

July 12, 2010


Customer Profile: Our client, NEVEX Virtual Technologies, is a provider of groundbreaking caching software solution. At present, it has been acquired by Intel. Current Trends Today several companies are shifting […]

EC2 Support

July 12, 2010


Solution • Professional Services • IT Infrastructure TECHNOLOGY • Amazon EC2 • AWS RESOLUTION The client is a mobile compliance & regulatory company with operations spread across United States. Client’s […]

Offshore Professional Services

July 12, 2010


Solution • Integration and Deployment • The client is an established player in the software security arena around the globe. TECHNOLOGY Enterprise Applications RESOLUTION Owing to the dynamic nature of […]

Radiology Software

July 9, 2010


Customer Profile: Our client offers the most comprehensive web-based storage, exchange, and interpretation of images for radiology providers. They have fully licensed medical experts and radiologists to interpret the data […]

Forecasting System

July 9, 2010


Solution • Develop a system that would aim to generate figures depicting the project sales for future 24 months. • Forecast procurement needs for the same duration based on the […]

How Cloud Computing Helps Business Process Automation

May 11, 2010

There has been a radical shift in the way companies perceive software applications. Companies are increasingly using cloud-based integration to achieve business process automation (BPA) by leveraging software, hardware, storage, […]

SaaS Model – an Effective Tool for Design, Development and Marketing

April 17, 2010

In these difficult economic times, small as well as big businesses are looking at cost cutting and scrutinizing their basic expenditure. This includes cost cutting on manpower, office equipments and […]

Liferay-An Open Source Web Development Platform

March 2, 2010

Liferay Portal has proved itself as the world’s leading open source portal platform in open source web development. Because of its reliability, cost effectiveness and capability to support the development […]

Recession Proof Software Development Strategies

February 8, 2010

Forward-looking companies of all sizes are now looking at the cloud computing model to reduce infrastructure costs and increase computational capabilities.  In spite of recession, work must continue and hence […]

Web 2.0 Services – An Indispensable Resource

February 4, 2010

Web 2.0 is changing the way online businesses are being conducted, facilitating interactive information sharing among users and collaboration on the internet.

Leo Technosoft to Adopt Microsoft Azure Cloud Operating System

January 20, 2010

Leo Technosoft is one of the earliest adopters of Microsoft Azure cloud platform (currently in beta), primarily for clinical application development.

Partnered with South American Client to Provide SaaS Based elearning Solution

November 26, 2009

Leo Technosoft partnered with one of the biggest training organizations in Chile to provide them with LMS Solutions. Leo Technosoft tied up with a leading training company in Chile to […]

Leo Technosoft Successfully Provides SaaS Solution to a Health Care Customer

October 26, 2009

Leo Technosoft, added one more new customer in the health care domain to design and develop the next version of an online x-ray tool. Leo’s product development team has built […]

Leo Technosoft expands RIA services

September 22, 2009

Leo Technosoft expanded its RIA development services to include Silverlight technology and iphone services.