A Model to set up Offshore Development Centre

May 30, 2013

Offshore Development Centre, known as ODC, refers to a dedicated and exclusive development centre located in offshore countries. The purpose of establishing an offshore development centre is to make things […]

Fluid CM – SaaS Based Contract Management System

May 28, 2013

Customer Profile: Our client is a leading California-based construction company specializing in roads, tunnels, bridges, airports and other infrastructure-related projects. As a North America-based international company, they are able to […]

How BOMT Model Suitable for Offshore Product Development

May 27, 2013

The ‘Go Global’ concept is catching the fancy of many companies all over the world. Today, independent software vendors want new products with better features at a rapid rate in […]

How Small ISVs can scale using BOMT Model

May 24, 2013

Businesses are getting more competitive with every passing day, especially for technology companies. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) always look for ways to lower down their costs. In addition, they need […]

Cloud Security to Safeguard Pharma Industry

May 24, 2013

The recent case where cybercriminals hacked into the Mumbai-based current account of a pharmaceutical company and siphoned off Rs 2.4 crore through 13 transactions within 3 hours on May 11 […]

Data Warehouse for Dental Management Inc

May 23, 2013

Customer Profile: Our client is a group of dedicated dental professionals having a chain of 30 clinics spread across entire US. Their vision is to open state-of-the-art dental care practices […]

Why a Start-up Company should adopt BOMT Model?

May 20, 2013

Times are changing real fast. A few years back, establishing a new company was cumbersome and time consuming process. Further, it was difficult to make a start-up profitable. Starting up […]

ERP Integrated with E-Commerce For a Leading Publishing and Book Distribution House

May 20, 2013

Customer Profile: Our client is a leading book distribution & publishing house of self publishing and marketing services for authors around the globe. Our client provides a broad array of […]

BOMT Model for Global Development

May 18, 2013

Times Change and the best thing is to change with changing times. The newest change is the introduction of BOMT Model (Build – Operate – Market – Transfer) Model by […]

ERP for Warehouse Management System

May 15, 2013

Customer Profile: Love Furniture is a leading online furniture distributor based in Ireland. With warehouses located across Ireland Love Furniture manages Furniture retailing for customers across Ireland. They are a […]

Why BOMT Model for Startup

May 9, 2013

Start up ventures in the IT industry face a lot of problems, be it establishing their set-up, managing finances and resources, putting together the best team, marketing and promotional activities, […]

Cloud Ready Multi-Tenant Platform to Develop SaaS Application

April 16, 2013

SaaS is not just a technology change-it’s also a business model change. Migrating .Net application to the Multi-Tenant Platform is a taxing deal. Some software companies elect to build a […]

Leo TechnoSoft aids an Iranian ISV Company to come up with their 1st SaaS Product

April 16, 2013

Technological ties of two of the most prominent developing nations of the world have crossed another altitude altogether! Leo TechnoSoft, a technology partner specializing in building, serving, managing and extending […]

Enterprise Social Portal with Liferay

April 15, 2013

Portals have been serving enterprises in a number of ways. One of the best Portals, Liferay is brimming with collaboration features that make it both robust and flexible. Leo TechnoSoft […]

Mocha CRM

April 10, 2013

Customer Profile: Our client is a start up ISV Company based in Iran. They are at present the 1st company to come up with an exclusive SaaS based CRM solution […]

SaaS enabled Multi Tenant Platform

April 5, 2013

With the rising competition in the IT industry, it is quite difficult to aim for growth and expansion where even survival remains a big question. Gone are the days, when […]

Free Based Cloud Ready Multi-Tenant Application Platform

March 29, 2013

Since the turn of the millennium, cloud computing has revolutionized the landscape of the IT world because it provides enterprise-grade computing resources that are affordable and instantly available. Nearly 100,000+ […]

Best SaaS Multi-Tenant Platform

March 28, 2013

Software as a Service (SaaS) represents a novel paradigm and business model expressing the fact that companies do not have to purchase and maintain their own ICT infrastructure, but instead, […]