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By admin, July 12, 2010

Customer Profile: Our client is a USA-based CAD conversion services provider. They have been providing raster to vector conversion services for professionals—firms and individuals—large and small companies—in many industries and in many different countries for over 20 years now.


Leo TechnoSoft with its software experts launched the Desktop and Web version of this revolutionary Raster to Vector converter. Our unique auto-vectorization solution helps upload scanned images such as TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP files into traced vector drawings suitable for CAD applications with ease.

Building a raster to vector converter that supports all kinds of image formats, reaching consumers online with raster to vector conversion solutions via a website, online sale of the raster to vector converter’s Desktop and Web versions, allowing free download of the Desktop version for limited period, web version to be uploaded through the Web for converting raster images to vector were a few challenges that came our way.

Our Software is built with following features- Vectorizes documents quickly and easily into CAD files, all drawing sizes are available without any specification to size, produces raster files in binary i.e. black & white images, both raster and vector editing tools available for hybrid editing.


Business Situation

Our client was looking for a company that had the expertise to develop a highly manageable and professional document converter that automatically convert scanned drawings into files that are easily editable in any PC CAD, CNC, GIS or any other mapping program.


Based on our clients demand Leo TechnoSoft developed a Desktop and Web version Raster to Vector Software that enables conversion of TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP files into traced vector drawings appropriate for CAD applications.


•Oracle 8i


• High capacity of conversion features
• Automatically resolves many difficulties in raster to vector conversion and creates accurate conversions
• With more conversion functions done automatically, the time required to perform the raster to vector conversion on a drawing is shorter
• Provides an accurate vector representation of the original raster drawing and does not produce a corrupted document with extraneous or confused text and images
• Files are compatible with all types of CAD programs, paper sizes and scanners so the software is highly versatile
• One of the fastest converters and the latest technology on the market. It converts documents in seconds

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Leo TechnoSoft Product Engineering Services

Leo TechnoSoft provides a full length Product Engineering services in SaaS and enterprise environment which leads to cost savings, better efficiency and performance to the ISV’s.

We take pride in informing you that we build, manage and market solutions in 50% less time and 100% accuracy with the help of reusable framework module called “SaaS Tenant” and software test automation.

We control our AGILE and SCRUM process with great expertise and highest quality standards creating a unique platform for the services we offer.

Leo TechnoSoft has partnered with numerous ISV’s for past few years and transferred their products onto the SaaS Environment, with a reasonable share of success.