By admin, July 12, 2010

Customer Profile: Our client is a full-service digital marketing, SEO, customer relationship management (CRM), sales training, and consulting company. The company serves over 600 independent insurance agencies.


Leo TechnoSoft developed SaaS based insurance CRM software to the client, tailor-made for the mortgage industry and more specifically for brokers. Insurance CRM software solution also provides industry-specific insurance functionalities and embedded insurance/mortgage business best practices. The USP of the insurance CRM tool is the user friendly manner in which it enables mortgage professionals to maintain contact with their customers.

Our team had to confront challenges like maintaining a data base of potential leads, categorizing leads as ‘prospective’, ’sales-ready’ and ‘qualified’ opportunities, sending automated high end email campaigns to prospective leads, stating specific campaigns to be designed for the whole of the USA.

Our experts strengthened the CRM mechanism by designing an inbuilt Campaign Management System to target leads with emails and a Financial Planning Tool to record transactions of customers during the whole mortgage approval process.


Business Situation

Our client was in search of a team that could design and develop software which would enable them to track, consolidate and classify millions of leads in the most effective manner.


Leo TechnoSoft successfully offered a Web based SAAS solution for insurance CRM software to the client. With the help of this insurance CRM software the brokers could collect potential leads from different web sites, categorize them into different stages and effectively manage them through relevant communication strategies.


• ASP.Net
• C#
• C++
• iPhone


• Complete Lead management system
• Can track leads easily
• Informative Dashboard
• Integrates with Financial Management tool

Developed in the year

Country or Region
United States

Leo TechnoSoft Product Engineering Services

Leo TechnoSoft provides a full length Product Engineering services in SaaS and enterprise environment which leads to cost savings, better efficiency and performance to the ISV’s.

We take pride in informing you that we build, manage and market solutions in 50% less time and 100% accuracy with the help of reusable framework module called “SaaS Tenant” and software test automation.

We control our AGILE and SCRUM process with great expertise and highest quality standards creating a unique platform for the services we offer.

Leo TechnoSoft has partnered with numerous ISV’s for past few years and transferred their products onto the SaaS Environment, with a reasonable share of success.