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Let's Move your Online Sharepoint Office 365 to the Next Level

Come and join the Microsoft SharePoint business consultant, Lalit Kasa where he will be discussing how to Grasp your existing O365 for automating business processes.

Topics to cover:

How to achieve business process automation using SharePoint.

How to set up the document approval process to overcome the business challenges.

Example of workflow automation: Kaizen Model.

Highlights of the webinar, live demonstration on Kaizen Module

Speaker : Lalit Kasa – Project Manager - MSE

Lalit Kasa is a Principal Product Manager and Microsoft SharePoint Expert advocating for collaboration by connecting business needs with the right technology. He has been supporting Microsoft 365 for several years as a Product Manager and a Practice Lead for Office 365 in Leo TechnoSoft. Over the last couple of years, Lalit has been responsible for migrating customers to the cloud, designing and building technology solutions, hands-on delivery of information architecture (SharePoint Form and content) and increasing user adoption.

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Make A Right Shoring Choice

Maintaining flexibility in shoring is key to staying viable in today’s demanding marketplace. Sourcing strategy requires a paradigm shift to deliver your organization’s objective. There is ample evidence that the organizations are not exploring all the segments of execution and planning to achieve their objectives. Join us to explore how to formulate the successful operational strategy to achieve the faster and better organizational objective by adopting the right shoring solution.

The webinar covers the following objectives –

  • Right Shoring
  • How Right Shoring impacts your business
  • Risk Management
  • How to maintain Agility
  • Check List to ensure success etc.
  • About the Presenter - Prakash Sathe

    Prakash is a Startup Mentor and Experienced Business Executive with more than Two decades of experience in Business Management and Consulting innovative Business Solutions. A strategist with a sharp focus on profitability by creating value through developing differentiated customer-focused solutions. His expertise in instituting productization approach for the startup has earned him a lot of respect in the Startup Community Globally. In his current profile, he is assisting the business division to achieve and exceed fiscal revenue objectives by providing quality sales assistance during all phases of the sales life cycle.

    Type: Demo