BackChat | Jboss Liferay

By admin, August 8, 2010

Solution: BackChat Mobile wanted to develop a online system that would allow their agents across world to activate SIM and manage account independently including online billing and payment system. They also wanted that any traveler should be able to buy a plan and active roaming SIM online.


• J2EE
• Liferay
• Jboss


The challenge was the integration with backend wireless system legacy API. Also system had to be stable enough to take good traffic with maximum securit . Since they provide services to 130 counties, they also want to support currency conversation on fly.

The online Web System developed by us allowed the agent and travelers to easily Activate and Buy SIM. Store module was developed to deal with SIM Cards, TOP Ups, Vouchers and startup credits which were made online. Users at all level could use their credentials to authenticate the SIM number by Call Key API and then process the credit card through Common KEY API


• Enterprise Portal Development
• Open Source Portal Development