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By admin, April 25, 2012

Customer Profile: Our client Claris Lifesciences is one of the largest sterile injectables pharmaceutical companies in India with a market presence in 91 countries worldwide. They primarily manufacture and market products across multiple markets and therapeutic segments.


With the demand for accurate, timely information management from the health care organization to satisfy information requests, there is an increasing need for smart business solutions that would enable precise decision-making, target, gather, deliver and analyze the most relevant data. The solution to these remains Business Intelligence.

Business intelligence software developed by Leo Technosoft allows tapping databases, delivering easy-to-comprehend insight to employees, management, and business partners. It’s favourable in providing the insight needed to increase revenue, reduce costs, and comply with industry regulations and standards. It provides a powerful, unified framework with information integrated for an effective reporting system.

With simple, practical, affordable features and functionality, Business Intelligence is the key to effective business planning and operation optimization. Looking at the pace the healthcare industry is evolving, BI seems the route to take to sustain in the league.


Pharmacy Life Science

Business Situation

Our client wanted an extensive application that would simplify the functioning of the healthcare sector as they are always overburdened by paperwork as well as financial transactions, billing, appointments, shift assignments and business and operational performance, etc.


The Leo Technosoft team being experts in health care applications, patient data management and pharmaceuticals developed a BI platform providing a unified framework for clinical data analysis to facilitate information sharing and collaboration. This being a boon for the healthcare sector to diagnose and prescribe speedily, providing top quality care with greater peace of mind.


This first-rate application enables:

Easy deployment of reports
Dynamic reporting
Expeditious sharing of reports via web
Numerous features at cost effective price
Competitive and location analysis
Targeted marketing and sales strategies
Business scenarios and forecasting
Business service management

Developed in the year


Country or Region


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Our company offers medical IT services specializing in the development of integrated medical software, EMR software, HIPAA compliant software and more for the healthcare industry.

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