CacheWorks Software Development

By admin, July 12, 2010

Customer Profile: Our client, NEVEX Virtual Technologies, is a provider of groundbreaking caching software solution. At present, it has been acquired by Intel.

Current Trends

Today several companies are shifting their infrastructure from on-premise to cloud. However, storage speeds are holding back applications’ performance. Today’s multi-CPU, multi-core servers are weighed down by storage I/O which are unable to keep up with constantly increasing demand, keeping systems from achieving their full performance potential. Conventional solutions of adding more memory, storage, or servers, append huge expense, in addition to management complexity.

Business Situation

Our client approached us with the idea of developing a software solution that guarantees storage performance for applications. They desired software, which would solve the following issues faced by the companies:-

  • Bigger upfront investment for clients
  • Lengthy deployment and integration time-lines
  • High Annual Maintenance contracts


Leo TechnoSoft developed CacheWorks, which is an exemplary solution delivering application specific performance on virtual machines and physical servers via Selective Optimized Caching. Having expertise in designing, developing and implementing document management systems, Leo TechnoSoft transitioned client’s proprietary from an on-premise deployment mode to the hosted or SaaS environment. The immediate effect of this initiative was the company’s standing within its existing client base, of being an evangelist for adopting the latest market trends, thus resulting in a word of mouth marketing.


  • C#
  • Java
  • C++


  • This software is installed on the server, where it utilizes fast SSD/Flash media to cache “hot” data, getting rid of I/O latency and forcing targeted application performance from back-end storage via intelligent caching, not extreme spending.
  • I/O-bound applications such as transactional web servers, mail servers, databases and business intelligence on Hyper-V, Windows physical servers or VMware, runs up to 5X faster as they are unconstrained from limited storage speeds.


  • It provides flexible control to administrators for application-specific data acceleration.
  • Companies can now employ CacheWorks for performance and optimizing existing spindles for management, snapshots/backup and, capacity.
  • Increases storage performance and decreases latency.
  • It provides an optimized multi-level caching capability for the most demanding workloads.
  • It optimizes how virtual machines (VMs) access storage.