Case Study

E-Learning System
  • To meet the academic challenges of rapidly changing corporate demands.
  • Meet international standards to be in sync with the growing competition.
  • Keeping online track of registered learners of the course
  • Easy modification and amendments in the courseware
  • Encouraging employees to take participation for their own learning

Leo Technosoft has been instrumental in developing web based E-learning solutions that comprises of various advanced presentation, collaborative tools for a wide range of audiences. Our E-learning solutions have the well-thought of and sophisticated architecture allowing the admin to manage real-time data of users under the respective courses.

Based on international E-learning standards, iLearn leverages its users with the advantage of one of the most user-friendly, stable, secure and robust E-learning solutions.

The admin can add/modify/delete/view courses under a job and also adds questions for the exercises. It gives complete control to employees about when and where to study. iLearn, can interactive E-learning solution provides access to a wide range on resources for better understanding of the course, like graphics, sound, animation, multimedia, etc.


  • ASP.Net
  • C#
  • C++
  • Telerik

  • Off the shelf & Bespoke Learning
  • Content Management