.NET Application Development Company

December 3, 2019

The expansion of the virtual world has majorly transformed the way business operates and its arena. For present-day, small and medium-size business establishments and enterprises have to create a strong online persona… Read More

Node.js Development Company: Features Of Node.js And Its Business Values

September 18, 2018

Node.js development is gaining popularity due to real-time applications, fast and scalable solution. It has numerous features which enhance the development process, as well as features boost business objective. Hence, the partnership with Node.js… Read More

Leo TechnoSoft A Web Development Company In Chicago

August 16, 2018

Over a decade, Leo Technosoft a web development company in Chicago is serving in web design and application development projects, possesses both programming and business competencies. The web application either enriches or degrades the… Read More

Angular JS Application Development For Startup

August 16, 2018

As per the Google’s report, due to the bad online experience around 40 % of the website users are moved to the competitor’s website. If your website has a poorly designed UI and UX,… Read More

What is the next generation of the .NET ?

July 3, 2018

If you are thinking about the .NET framework for your next project, there are few upgrades in the platform. The next generation of.NET framework is providing new features which are increasing the speed of… Read More

Key Result Area (KRA) Tracking

April 16, 2018

Introduction :

A key result area (KRA) is an strategic factor either internal to the organization or external, where strong positive results must be… Read More

Courier Management

April 16, 2018

Introduction :

The main concern of the courier agency is to deliver the right parcel to its owner. To accomplish it the agency has… Read More

Customer Complaint Management

April 16, 2018


Introduction :

According to Metric Stream, complaint management is the process of how organizations handle, manage, respond to and report customer complaints. Systems are put… Read More

Kaizen Management

April 16, 2018

Inroduction : 

Kaizen module is an idea posting system, where any Employee within the organization can able to submit the idea which… Read More

Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Built In Angular JS

April 10, 2018

It is a tough decision, which web development programming language to choose?

If you desired to own a website for… Read More

Why IDaaS & CASB are needed together to nullify cyber threats?

January 2, 2018

The basic rule of protecting data is authorizing access to data only to selected staff members of an organization who are working on that data. This is done to ensure that in the case… Read More

Privileged Identity Management protects user accounts via PIM Solutions

November 13, 2017

Sometimes, unscrupulous people steal the log in credentials of the employees of an organization in order to hack into the servers and steal the data. Compromised identities of employees are new threats for corporate… Read More

Deal With The Dilemma Of Hybrid And Native

October 29, 2017

There are two kinds of platforms that can be used to build an app, Hybrid or Cross platforms and Native platforms. Hybrid and… Read More

Cloud Access Security Broker : A key to Cloud Security

October 5, 2017

Cloud Access Security Broker has proven itself to be indispensible for cloud security. These days, nearly every organization has fully integrated the cloud in its day-to-day operations. This has led to a large amount… Read More

Raise your CLOUD Security above the bar with Security Operations, analytics and reporting SOAR Stack

September 8, 2017

Cloud computing is the buzz word in all the technology driven businesses. Internet has made the world smaller and taken it to new heights, literally to the cloud. Today businesses are moving to the… Read More

Transitioning from Legacy System to SaaS

August 10, 2017

With the advent of novel technologies every passing day, it is more than necessary to migrate from Legacy System to SaaS. However, this transition isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is indeed a…

What are Pharmaceutical Quality System’s Subsystems?

July 20, 2017

It is vital to go for broke in any business try. Each time speculators and business visionaries finance a start-up, they go out on a limb. Indeed, even business administrators go for broke each… Read More

Thinking CMS Portal? Liferay VS SharePoint

July 18, 2017

Leo Technosoft is the most preferred provider when it comes to offering the best CMS Portal. The leading and the most popular name for enterprise portal solutions, Liferay is an open source platform that…