Connect with colleagues on the basis of your interests via Hobnobpal

By admin, June 9, 2016

Customer Profile: Hobnobpal is a mobile application developed by Leo TechnoSoft for providing a social networking environment for corporate employees to connect with each other and know each other better, strengthening team spirit. This application is available for Android and iOS phones.

Current trends/Business challenges:
Employees of an organization usually prefer to see their social networks and contacts outside office and due to little attention to colleagues; the spirit of team-work does not strengthen.
Hence, there is a need of a social platform where the connections of a user are his/her office colleagues so that by bonding with colleagues with shared interests employees would boost the team-spirit in the office.

Leo TechnoSoft developed Hobnobpal to strengthen the team spirit via bonding and networking among employees that was necessary for recreation.

With Hobnobpal, employees can connect with colleagues based on their interest. They can be real and take a break from formal behaviour while interacting with colleagues. Employees can stay connected with colleagues even when they are outside office.

• iOS
• Android

• Events Creation:
Print and distributing invitation cards for an event is time consuming. With Hobnobpal, user can simply announce the event name, time, venue and date by Event Creation feature. User can also send invitation to all colleagues for the events with a click. Colleagues in user’s network can join once they see your event in their news feed.

• Feed:
User can post status updates and share his/her thoughts. Colleagues in his/her network will see them in their feed and post comments. The life of every status update is 24 hours after which, the update gets deleted.

• Find colleague:
With Hobonobpal app, user can find their colleagues anywhere in the city. Even at locations like airport. Every colleague of yours will appear in your network.

• Chat via Quicksend™:
Send chat messages to colleagues via Quicksend™. Your colleague can reply promptly if he/she is online.

• Profile views:
Using Hobnobpal, user can show his/her profile to all colleagues and view their profiles. User can easily know about his/her colleagues beyond their work.

• New Joinee Update:
As a new employee joins the company, you are about to gain a new friend. You will get notifications about the new joinee once the organization confirms employment.

• Celebrate:
Birthday, promotion or marriage anniversary can be celebrated via Hobnobpal with office buddies in the forms of greetings and best wishes.

• Easy bonding:
Employees across departments can bond with each other and this ensures a light atmosphere in office premises.

• 24/7 Connectivity:
Mobile app gives the freedom and convenience of staying connected at any time. 24 hours activity feed enables an employee to share things openly.

• Economical:
Hobnobpal is heavy on features and light on budget.

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