Crowdfunding Services

By admin, November 22, 2013

Customer Profile: Our client is a consulting firm assisting companies and funds in raising equity and debt capital, executing corporate sales, divestitures and acquisitions, and in evaluating strategic financial options. Its clientele includes companies, entrepreneurs and fund managers scaling sustainable solutions. in.vested is owned and managed by our client and the securities offered in the companies and funds are under Rule 506 of Regulation D.

Current Trends

Today, the concept of crowdfunding has gone viral. There are numerous crowdfunding websites in the market that enable companies to connect with the world and raise money for their specific causes. Investors looking to invest in a company usually analyze the market first and then finalize the most suitable company. Hence, it’s crucial to have a common platform where only the accredited companies can put up their profiles and investors can effortlessly connect with them.

Business Situation

Our client approached us with the idea of creating a crowd funding platform aiming to connect great companies and funds with a growing number of mission-aligned investors, whose IMPACT investments would make a difference and a return.


Our expert team of developers at Leo TechnoSoft catered to the client’s specific requirements and developed a portal using Liferay platform that is dependable, cost effective and has potential to support the development of innovative internet-based applications. The developed portal aids the client to screen the investment opportunities, based on their market knowledge and experience, and select only the top candidates. In addition, the portal enables only the accredited investors to get access to the list of investment companies. The investors don’t have to look at hundreds deals to pick one to invest in, they just need to select the company and invest as much money as they like in the same.


• Liferay 6.1
• JavaScript
• CSS3


• Browse – user can browse through the list of registered accredited companies and funds after registering as an accredited investor.
• Process – investment companies can create their profiles and investors can register themselves.
• About – detailed information about in.vested is available here.
• News feed – news related to the companies and future projects is available here.


• It presents a common platform for accredited investment companies to showcase their goal specific cause and obtain ample funds for the same.
• It saves time for the accredited investor as he gets a list of recognized companies only to choose from and it becomes easier for him to invest in any of them.
• Investors get suitable returns on their investments.