Data Warehouse for Dental Management Inc

By admin, May 23, 2013

Customer Profile: Our client is a group of dedicated dental professionals having a chain of 30 clinics spread across entire US. Their vision is to open state-of-the-art dental care practices that would combine the highest standard of care, the latest technologies, and the services of talented general dentists and specialists to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Current Trends

A rigid Reporting and Dashboard has been the need of the hour for Dental Management organizations that acquire, develop and manage several dental clinics across locations and wire a dental clinic network.

Business Situation

Our client was looking for a complete dental practice management system to help simplify management processes and manage practices efficiently. They were looking to improve their processes through the use of technology and proficiently manage their dental practices.


Leo TechnoSoft’s intuitive Dental Management System that helps organizations monitors Revenue, Projection, Cash Collection, Average sold and Metrics for your Dental Network. The Management Executives now can have a one click view of the proceedings at any instant. With our proven expertise in working with Dental Management Service organizations understanding of your terminologies and the exact need becomes that much easier.

Data is available everywhere but putting it to good use so that you have less questions to be answered matters. Our customized solution not only helps you with clean and imposing data on the front end but also fetches the data and transforms it using an ETL for faster processing. Any clinical location at any point of time, a click and you have the descriptive data in seconds.


• Administrator
• Scheduler
• Patient Management
• Reports
• AR Department (patient accounts)
• HR Department
• Patient Tracking System


• A one stop click for viewing the reports with intuitive graphs
• Comprehensive report on Cost projection, Average DX ETC
• Easy to use in sync with existing systems