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By admin, March 21, 2013

Customer Profile: Our client is a dynamic and budding entrepreneur in an Australian based firm. With his extensive knowledge and years of experience in the industry, he now looks to capture the domain management industry.

Current Trends

Cybercrime and online IP theft are on the rise. Since 2012, the perception of the level of ecommerce crime likely to impact organizations in the future has increased.

Business Situation

Prevention of brand abuse and infringements remains a major concern for businesses worldwide. Our client was looking for a trusted development partner who could develop a secure and easy-to-use SaaS based domain management solution that would minus cases of fraud. He wanted a Brand Management Platform that would allow brand owners to administer, monitor and protect their online brands. Also, they were on the lookout for a technology company who has experience in handling more than 100 GB database along with giving support and a faster time to market.


Leo TechnoSoft has developed a stand-alone solution that addresses the domain management needs protecting important digital assets for our renowned client Web IP. The experts at Leo TechnoSoft have given the right model amalgamating BOMT which not just builds but eventually supports as well. Web IP is an easy-to-use SaaS based web application for managing Domains, Trademark, Contracts for web Hosting company business processes in a robust and secure environment. Our Domain Management solution assured managing, recovering and monitoring brands online.

Our SaaS based software solution was designed with notable features like Domain Portfolio Management, Domain Recovery services, Specialized Online Brand Monitoring and Digital Certificates from all major certification authorities to collectively administer and protect brands. It can provide intuitive, web-based forms to capture user information with all the advantages, including improved security, data validation, and enhanced reporting. This suitably centralized the existing domain names and managed all ongoing registrations, renewals and administration.


• Monitors and protects brands online
• Online Brand Monitoring platform through a no obligations using cloud-based access feature
• Online brand monitoring Sources
• News & video media monitoring
• 3rd party domain name monitoring
• 3rd party trademark monitoring social media monitoring
• Case management tools to track and manage cases
• Track renewals of your own domain names and trademarks
• Ability to create sub-users with restricted rights and access
• Stay on top of important renewals


• Tracks important renewals for your domain names, trademarks and vendor contracts
• Monitors how your brand is being used and abused across a huge range of online environments including social media, video, blogs, forums, domain registrations, trademark applications and more
• Manages and deals with brand damaging content via the advanced case management module