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By admin, July 12, 2010


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The client is a mobile compliance & regulatory company with operations spread across United States. Client’s business model primarily involves setting up IT infrastructure at their customers’ base in order to successfully deploy and manage their product. However, with the advent of CLOUD, some of the clients existing customers did not want any additional IT infrastructure to be installed and configured on premise. This being the case, the client was not sure how to pursue the problem as they had no prior experience on the CLOUD.

Leo TechnoSoft was asked to consult in order to facilitate the transition to CLOUD. Leo TechnoSoft conducted a detailed feasibility study to understand client’s entire business model in order to provide a solution that would bridge all / any voids.

The solution proposed by Leo TechnoSoft not only described how to embrace the cloud for the existing client base but also offered consultancy for any future enhancements.

Apart from migration to CLOUD, Leo TechnoSoft was also entrusted with the maintenance and support of the clients cloud infrastructure. A direct outcome from this transition was that the client was able to save 40 % of his time, which would earlier go into infrastructure set up, maintenance and trouble shooting.


Cloud set up & Transition


• Professional Services
• IT Infrastructure