Empowering Digital Marketing by Single Sign On with enhancing Security and Compliance

By admin, March 21, 2017


In today’s world, success of a company often rests on a solid reputation and brand value. Marketing builds brand name recognition or product recall with a company. Marketers aim at creating brand equity through various social media handles and different marketing tools that the customers listen, watch, Like and follow. This gives marketers power which is unmonitored, something that many marketer are sadly abusing. These tools can be used ethically or non-ethically by them which in turn can sabotage brand value.

On exposure to dark side of digital marketing one of our clients was struggling on no visibility to digital assets and having control & monitoring to standardize the practice.

The Challenge

1. Multiple Social Handles:
Client works with large pool of social handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc for promotional activities, it was becoming complex & tedious procedure to manage & track all of accounts

2. Operation Complexity:
Employees have to remember passwords of different applications approximately 30-35 in numbers and signing-in to an application for activity has become lengthy and time consuming process.

3. Misuse of identity:
With very less visibility to IT team, unscrupulous users could use the log-in credentials of unsuspecting employees in the organization in order to mask their own activities which can be harmful for Brand Image.

4. No visibility:
IT team used to struggle catering for ways to find out details of Users/Usage and access to the applications (Internal & Outside). No automatic ways to restrict and monitor applications

5. Providing entire access to Third Parties for social handles:
Third party agencies would have access to social media handles and application accounts related to the business. Third party access cannot be restricted to required applications.


The Solution

Leo TechnoSoft‘s Single Sign-On (SSO) offered optimum solution to the client:

1. From Operation point of view: Helping the client on day-to-day basis:

1.1 Improved Productivity: Our SSO helped client to improve productive time of user by saving efforts in logging in to applications & signing-in for social handles independently. We provided singular dashboard with all permitted application and social handles at one place with pre authentication. Now user can access all application just by signing once in SSO and getting access to all applications & social handles permitted to him/her.

1.2 Singular Dashboard for access: We provided client with singular dashboard where users can have a look at all applications and social handles in one go which are assigned to him/her according to hierarchy.

1.3 Ease of user access creation: SSO offered client with ease of creating user access to selected applications and social handles according to their roles and responsibilities through central dashboard.

1.4 Co-ordination and control over third party vendors: SSO provided more control and options of co-ordination for IT team to work with Third party vendors as they will not have direct access to applications and social handles.

2. From Security Point of view: Enhancing visibility and Access control for client:

2.1 Visibility: By monitoring of all the activity logs and usage details IT team was able to find insights of particular activity performed in specific time period on specific application or social handle by specific user.

2.2 Granting access by roles and responsibilities: SSO enabled client to grant access to its user for the applications which are suited to his/her responsibilities only and restricting all other access not require for his/her work.

2.3 Ease of User deletion: SSO provided client capability to remove access of particular user in one go against legacy process of removing user access rights from all applications and social handles.

2.4 Secure Credentials: SSO enabled client to assign users with single sign on to their dashboards, securing application and social handle credentials in process. An employee, third party, outsourced agencies/contractors does not get access to credentials of critical marketing tools.

2.5 Defining access hierarchy: SSO enabled client to define access based on user hierarchy and responsibilities.

The Result


  • Ease of Access modification: SSO enables administrators in adding and removing user access required applications/handles
  • Maintaining and securing user account configuration: SSO results in improved security through the enhanced ability of system administrators. It helps to maintain the integrity of user account configuration that includes the ability to inhibit or remove an individual user‘s access to all system resources in a co-ordinate and consistent manner.
  • Password Policy Automation: SSO features powerful password administration options. Now administrators can completely automate application password change processes, eliminating the need for care providers to come up with, or remember, passwords that meet your organization’s strong password requirements.


  • With all passwords secure and employees do not have to perform sign-in operations for individual applications, it resulted in increased productivity.

Improved Efficiency:

  • With ease of co-ordination between IT team – Users – Third Party vendors SSO enabled client with improved efficiency.


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