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By admin, March 19, 2013

Customer Profile: Our client has been a leader in Ophthalmology in California and is one of the largest in North America since 1995. Employing over 7,400 people and having offices in 20 locations, our client is a recognized international leader in ophthalmology.

Current Trends

With the adoption rate of EHR systems running at about 55% according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, more and more hospitals and practices nationwide are leaving paper behind. EMR turned mobile definitely emerged as one of the most promising solutions to the time problem. 69 percent of responding health centers has adopted EHR, with 45 percent fully electronic at all sites and 24 percent partially implemented. Those who are not EHR/ EMR compliant by 2014 will lose federal subsidies and be penalized with diminished Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Business Situation

Our client having a wide spread presence across the globe wanted to automate the medical charting process as it’s the core of a practitioner’s daily workflow. They were looking for an EHR/EMR Solution that could be accessible on the finger tips and would enable easy admittance to a patient’s chart, create and sign notes, Feed in Exam results, look up an entire patient history and prescribe medications. Client wanted the EHR system to be complaint with healthcare standards so as to meet “meaningful use” requirements.


EHR/EMR Solution from Leo TechnoSoft is a native mobile application with secure Webservice/WebAPI to provide information to the Ipad from the web based Practice management system. Is a software that’s fully-featured to effectively manage practice. An innovative, easy-to-use, secure and affordable system with HIPPA and HL7 compliance was designed to not just solve the outdated usability problem but also ensure a true paperless environment for the eye care industry.

Our iOS native app has the full functionality of a complete EMR system which aids to record patient vitals, track patient allergies, add to a patient’s medication history and apply diagnoses with additional notes, document services rendered and more. It allows you to work on the-go, freeing you from being tied to a computer. Reduce paperwork and streamline your workflow – allowing you more time with your patients. And, rest easy knowing you will have secure access to your data anywhere, at any time. Performing complex encounter functions was never so easy!


• Patient Information
• EPrescribing
• To-Do lists
• Custom Clinical Notes
• Practice Workflow Manager
• Custom and Dynamic Exam/test template
• Patient Insurance
• Paperless Medical Billing
• Patient edoc Images
• Schedule Appointment
• Inventory Management
• Personal Health Records
• Online Scheduler


• Real-time access to medical records and references enables smarter decisions at the point of care and improved continuity of care
• Save time —Increase physician efficiency by placing patient information at their fingertips
• Improve care quality and safety — Eliminate errors related to unavailable patient records, paper-based charges or handwritten notes
• Reduce costs — Eliminate manual charge entry, thereby increasing the number of charges billed during rounds and accelerating billing cycle completion
• Increase revenue —Reduce the number of lost and missed charges by improving accuracy
• Improve accuracy —Eliminate errors related to paper-based charges and handwritten notes
• Streamline workflow —Instantly route captured charges and notes for automated review and posting
• Increase satisfaction —Provide physicians and other authorized providers access to information anytime, anywhere to improve decision-making

About Leo TechnoSoft

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