ERP for Warehouse Management System

By admin, May 15, 2013

Customer Profile: Love Furniture is a leading online furniture distributor based in Ireland. With warehouses located across Ireland Love Furniture manages Furniture retailing for customers across Ireland. They are a family owned and operated retail store, offering a wide range of styles and prices on furniture.

Current Trends

According to Forrester Research US, eCommerce is expected to reach $250 billion by 2014 – with an expected 10% compound annual growth rate. Are you ready to handle this demand? If your ecommerce and ERP systems are working independently, then the answer is- probably not.

Many companies forgo eCommerce & ERP integration needed to truly optimize sales and keep all systems running in sync to serve the customers 24/7, 365 days a year to reach maximum order fulfilment potential.

The need for an ecommerce system is usually overlooked because of cost or the business disruption caused by having to change existing systems. Each aspect of your business is affected by a customer’s shopping experience – which means fulfilment processes need to be examined before deciding how to proceed.

Business Situation

Delay in shipment was leading to upset the customer and the Shipping tool was non-scalable in-terms of volume of business. Our client required affordable, agile solution to survive and thrive in industry with fierce competition and thin margins. They were looking for an online platform which could provide a 360 degree view and control of the business process of the company along with maintaining real time inventory for large product range.


Team of experts at Leo TechnoSoft developed a fully fledged ERP solution integrated with online channel to streamline ecommerce for overall operational efficiency. Our solution is a proven, next generation integrated business software with functionality previously only found on expensive traditional ERP systems, and with flexibilities not available with other ERP systems. Our ERP solution allowed client to start with small needs and activate new modules on demand to expand as the business grows or as the needs become more compelling.

Our ERP platform has a good architecture that allows the same version of ERP to be used either On-Premise or On-Line in the Cloud. Having one version for both Cloud and On-Premise allows the flexibility for platform changes as the business grows. It’s customisable for future enhancement and uses a 4th generation development platform which provides a modern, flexible and secure platform that’s designed to cater for change as the business grows.


• Managing all the sales, CRM, purchase, Inventory, Accounting, shipping, eCommerce.
• A Single login to handle multiple online store which gives an integrated view of the entire business Implemented ERP to provide analytics and give a 360 degree view
• Integration of Zencart Store
• Capable to handle high volume eCommerce vendor selling on multiple platforms
• Implementation of batch processing logic for orders integrated with the weighing scale


• Synchronization of various production units for centralized database management.
• Eliminated the risk of selling items not in stock because stocks levels are maintained in OpenERP and synched with EBay store
• Increased the efficiency of operations, logistics and finance by 20% by reducing manual processes
• Business working environment has become noticeably more dynamic and target-driven due to access to real-time reporting
• Understand customer demands and accordingly take business decision.