ERP Integrated with E-Commerce For a Leading Publishing and Book Distribution House

By admin, May 20, 2013

Customer Profile: Our client is a leading book distribution & publishing house of self publishing and marketing services for authors around the globe. Our client provides a broad array of tools and services to allow authors to make their own choices throughout the publishing process. Headquartered in New York they have 10 branches and have released over 60,000 titles, with imprints and products in all major book categories.

Current Trends

The increasing volume of invoices and documents generated by the import and publishing activities, plus the necessity to store and reuse the information on companies participating in various events demands an integrated ERP solution to satisfy the company`s functional and technical requirements on short and long term as well as replace the old accounting program.

Business Situation

Our client required a Centralized Warehouse Management System which would help administer multiple warehouses through single log-in. They needed an integrated software environment which would completely automate all the processes aiding to drastically reduce the cycle time and improve their efficiency many folds.


Leo TechnoSoft has been involved in carrying out the systems study at the client site, creating the software requirements specifications and designing the whole software suite. A robust ERP was implemented with integrated Sales Management, CRM, Purchase management, Warehouse management and Accounting. The ERP is expected to run on a central server with nodes in each department accessing the application on the server. This ensures integration of all processes leading to immensely improved efficiency.


An end-to-end ERP with e-Commerce plug-in was seamlessly integrated with the following modules:
• Inventory
• Purchases
• Centralized Purchasing & Distribution
• Promotions
• CRM and Customer Loyalty
• Inter-Branch communications
• Finance & Tax calculation
• Receivables & Payables calculations
• Payroll Management
• Assets Management


An end-to-end ERP System with E-Commerce was successfully integrated for their B2B Sales. This system can:
• Optimize the Inventory, Warehousing & Accounting operations by having all operations managed from a unified system.
• Automate synchronization of orders, customers, product catalog, stock levels, order status, parcel track numbers, etc.
• Easily consolidate data of all stores and warehouses over the internet.
• Get company-wide reports of all functions.
• Standardize and maintain single inventory, customer, supplier and price lists across all stores.
• Configure and manage the software centrally.
• Find out cash balances and stock of each product of each store, instantly.
• Avoid product stock-outs when stock exists in other stores.
• Control prices charged and discounts offered by stores.
• Book order in a store and deliver from another, without communication.
• View customer balance in all branches. Adjust debit balance in one branch against credit balance in another.
• Streamline billing processes with end-to-end process integration that removes redundancy, reduces errors and minimizes manual effort.
• Eliminate duplicate effort involved in managing multiple CMS systems, Accounting & Inventory software.
• Configure advanced inventory & stock rules to improve profitability.