FinPay Developed for Punctuality in Payments l Financial Payment

By admin, December 16, 2014

Customer Profile: FinPay provides Software as a Service (SaaS) online payment platform that allows small businesses to help them receive payment faster, as well as manage their customers and receivables more efficiently. This system efficiently gets their customers to make payments on time.

Current Trends

The cloud-based, receivables automation technology of FinPay has been made especially for small businesses features online bill pay, custom invoicing services, recurring billing, customer information management, small business competitive advantage with smart marketing, analytics- real time reporting as well as mobile access from anywhere.

Business Situation

Financial Payment has a lot off customers. It is not easy to keep a track of pending payments or every client that is hiring the services. Nor it is easy to handle the personal details of every client. Hence, software was needed where the database of clients, services and payments could be created.


Leo Technosoft developed FinPay for Financial Payment on BOMT model. As BOMT model helps with building, operating, marketing and transforming, FinPay helps building database of customers and sends mails as reminders for payments and ensures in quick collection of payments.

FinPay is user-friendly. After creating account, one company can create a database of all customers subscribing to its services and options of payments. The company can decide whether it wants to send daily, weekly, monthly or annual reminders to the customers.

The email being sent to customer will have a payment button. Clicking on it, customers will be redirected to a link where they can sign in and make the payment online via credit card or ACH (e-cheque)

FinPay also helps users to download the database CSV files and prepare the reports regarding monthly transactions, received payments and pending payments.

If a company that uses FinPay has a new customer or client, it is easy to add new customer in database of FinPay as well because all features of FinPay makes it as simplest finance-related tool ever. Client considered FinPay very helpful because it saves time when it comes to check pending payments and it also makes it is easy for the customers of their company to pay. Client was happy to see that FinPay gave customers, many options to make payments. Compiling, organizing and saving vast data can be done easily.


• JS
• J Query
• Bootstrap
• High Chart JS
• Mycrip
• MySql


• Download data: You can download all information regarding payments in the form of CSV files.

• Easy classification: You can classify pending payments and successful payments.

• Customized reminders: You can customize the format and frequency of each mail that you plan to send to different customers.

• Payment button in reminder: Your customer receives a payment button in the reminder mail and this makes it easy for him/her to pay for your service.

• Service available in many languages: You can choose your language among English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.


• Time-saving:: FinPay streamlines and automates your business bill payment, invoicing processes and give you a complete visibility to your cash flow at any time, allowing you to save time on manual tedious processes, spend more time operating and growing your business.

• Multiple options of payment:: Customers have multiple option of payment.

• Easy to organize details:: In case a customer does not respond to your reminders and you need his contact details like phone or address, it is easy organize such details of customers on FinPay. You can easily save and find details of erring customers and contact them.

•Help for new ventures:: Businesses that use our solutions receive access to services which provide them with the reports and information helpful to them regarding better financial decisions while providing them with services to help them jump start new ventures.

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