Fluid CM – SaaS Based Contract Management System

By admin, May 28, 2013

Customer Profile: Our client is a leading California-based construction company specializing in roads, tunnels, bridges, airports and other infrastructure-related projects. As a North America-based international company, they are able to offer clients the accessibility and support of a local firm with the stability and resources of a multi-national organization. They have built their reputation by performing the highest quality work and providing the most innovative solutions on the widest range of demanding and high profile projects.

Current Trends

In the present scenario contract management system is required to drastically reduce the effort and time it takes to manage contracts, and simplify contract administration. Contract Management can eliminate the paper and ink from the creation, execution, and management of any type of contractual agreement.

Business Situation

Our client who is an established name in the contract business had approached us with a farfetched idea to simplify and standardize the ongoing daunting paperwork process that was the standard norm in the industry. They required a system to track their project at every level i.e. all projects; all contacts and all project information to be accessible in real time. Our extensive team of quick-witted developers ensured a bespoke solution that aptly catered the precise requirements.

Our experts at Leo TechnoSoft came up with the incredible project of Fluid CM which was designed to aid contractors, architects, owners and design professionals the ability to collaborate on projects by giving them a common place online to process and store their contracts. Amalgamating the industry standard methods for handling contracts, changes, pay applications and other paperwork, Fluid CM was the key for wrinkle-free handling of official procedures online.

Being incorporated in the SaaS platform, it enables companies to access their project information online from anywhere. Offering well-organized accountability, efficient documenting and staying on schedule with mobility, this noteworthy contract management system definitely smoothens the work flow.


Message module – enables communication between contacts, sends messages to multiple contacts, tag members feature.

Budget – allows you to track changes from the Budget stage, to the award of your project to final costs at the end.
Client Contract – lists the contracts you have on your project.
Sub Contracts – lists the subcontracts you have on your project.
Changes – involves client changes & change orders Issued.
Projection – aids to regularly check your budget and projects any changes as you go is good practice.
Billing – involves Client Billing Summary.

Daily logs – you can review your daily log entries below by selecting the date that you want to see.
Documents – drawings and large project files can be uploaded to this location and made accessible to the team.
Meetings – lists the summary of the meetings that have occurred on the project.
RFIs – RFI log provides you with a complete summary of all of your project questions.
Submittal – submittal log helps to track your important project submittals and who is responsible for them.


Using industry standard methods for handling contracts, changes, pay applications, and other paperwork Fluid CM helps projects “flow” by:
• It helps overcome the often daunting paperwork process by providing vendors and clients a way to handle their paperwork online
• Eliminating duplicated data entry
• Making it easier to process paperwork by providing common templates and system
• Making it easier to approve and comment on paperwork by keeping it online

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