Forecasting System

By admin, July 9, 2010


• Develop a system that would aim to generate figures depicting the project sales for future 24 months.
• Forecast procurement needs for the same duration based on the Sales Forecast figures.
• Forecast purchases to be made over the course of next 24 months
• Indicate the amount of revenue that can be generated from the products that client plans to purchase and subsequently sell to the customers.


• VB.Net
• Infragistic
• Windows OS


The SPFS developed by Leo TechnoSoft comprises of Administration Sub system and Purchase & Sales Forecasting Sub System. The Sales & Forecasting Subsystem is further divided into two separate modules namely Sales and Purchase modules. The administrator is able to manage the information regarding the products, customers, salesmen, purchase staff, and suppliers; these amounts to populating the system with the information or modifying the existing information in the system.

The purchase staff user can generate reports on current stock for each product category, can perform monthly stock import, monthly sales import from the excel sheets, view sales/purchase forecasting reports for each salesman, and customer, modify salesman sales information feed, modify historical data, add incoming stock into the system and delete the record of the stock once the stock has arrived at the destination region. The sales forecasting generates the sales forecast for each product, customer and for each salesman.


• Forecasting Application Development for Sales
• Finance
• Supply Chain catering to Retail
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing & BFSI Engineering

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