Good Deeds Pay

By admin, June 7, 2018


good deeds pay

Any act of kindness or good deed is very powerful that must be appreciated. There is need to keep people motivated for doing such wonderful things. The performance of good deeds must get valued as they deserve the rewards.Our client comes with the idea to give motivation and inspiration to the people who are genuinely participating in the good deed. Let them continue it and to let them set the example in front of the other people. So that the people could take active participation in good deeds.The client desired to develop the platform in which the individual or organization who is participating should get rewarded by any organization or business. The project featured three types of profile generation viz.

  1. Individual
  2. Organizational
  3. Business

This profile distinguishes the reward holders and givers.The main purpose of the platform is to recognize the good deed happened in the world and rewarded them so that the good deed get appreciated and it would inspire other individual to be the part of the good deed.

Challenges :

Though the platform is for the goodwill, the client approached Leo Technosoft to overcome the following challenges –

1. Verification of good deeds :

Not every good deed is reward able as well as there is a possibility that it could be fake. The good deed has to be beneficial for the needy. Therefore there is need of verification of every good deed,so  that the genuine person should get rewarded.

 2. Managing the reward drive :

The platform has the functionality of arranging the reward drive.The challenging thing was to maintain the duration of the drive, approval of the rewards and its management as one should get nominated  only once.

3. Voucher generation and redemption :

The platform gives facility to the business profile holder (the one who gives the rewards) to generate the vouchers as reward. The voucher should get redeem by the appropriate person.

 4. Management of fake profile :

In the greed of the reward or any other reason, there are some people who can create the fake profile.It could be as an individual, organization or business profile. Hence tracking and removing the fake profile was challenging.

Solution :

  1. Technology selection :

    The performance issues, loading time, and security is overcome with the appropriate selection of technologies PHP, Laravel framework, and MySQL.

  1. Verification for reward :

    When the profile holders apply for the reward, the good deed is verified by the date, time as well as by contacting the beneficiary. The good deed is valid only for the 14 days; therefore the older deeds automatically get discarded. It simplifies the verification process.

  1. Approval of the reward :

    To maintain the impartiality in the reward,the functionality of verificationn is given. The good deed is cross verified from the beneficiary and then only the candidate becomes approved from the reward. The platform has two types of approval, one is beneficiary approval dependent and another is independent.

  1. Management of the reward drive :

    To motivate the people or community, the organizations can organize the reward drive. All the applicants are verified before they become eligible for the reward. The provision is made that the one person is applicable for the reward only once. The reward can be given in the desired form or in the form of vouchers.

  1. Voucher generation and its redemption –

    The business or organization can generate the reward voucher. The voucher tracking system is introduced so that it can be easily and securely delivered to the reward holder.

  2. Flagging –

    If any person on the platform notices any fake profile, he or she can block it and report to the administrator as a fake profile. The profile is handover to the moderator for verification. Thus, the flagging helps to remove fake profiles.

Benefits :

 Platform for good deed :

The more the good deed rewarded the more it will spread. This platform fills the communication gap between the individual and the business and organization.

 Benefit drive :

The reward drive simplifies the whole process of recognition and appreciation of the good deed. The generation of vouchers and its secure redemption due to QR code and add code, speeds up the process.

 Extra functionalities :

Along with the appreciation of the good deeds, it provides the facility of private messaging, any individual can follow any profile and can view activities.

Conclusion –

The project is successfully delivered to the client with all the desired and required functionality demanded by the client.

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