Hospital Operational Analytics

By admin, November 14, 2019



Hospital Analytics software allows medical professionals to easily extract EHR data to make smarter operational and fiscal decisions.

Rapid Features

• Data Analysis

View, track and analyze relevant data across departments such as quality, clinical, ED and billing.

• Data Integration

Directly integrate with the MEDITECH Data Repository (DR)

• Data Interventions

Daily updated data allows departments to make timely interventions

• Data Inclusions

Data includes electronic, abstracted and claims measure results.

Health Analysis

Predictive analytics helps manage high-risk patients by forecasting their risk of readmission.

Report Analysis

Easily build customized reports that can be shared with management on a weekly, monthly or custom basis.

Track Analysis

Track actuals vs. budgets for departmental responsibility in near real-time.

Use Case 1

Turning Raw Data into Life-Saving Insight

Technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry where Human life is involved. The change is accelerating exponentially faster because of EMR which is revolutionizing the process of patient data capture, analysis, and evaluation through hospital analytics software. The hospitals automate the information which eliminates the practitioner to go through manual papers and taking action on the information collected to address safety and quality issues.

Use Case 2

Connecting IT, Staff and Technology to Share Actionable Data Intelligence

Hospital analytics software for Business Intelligence is Designed to give hospital access to clinical, financial and operational information for quick comparison and analysis. The hospital spends a major portion of their budget to improve the quality of care they need to deliver to the patient. With this software, the data aggregated would assist the departments on how to leverage the tools they have which would unlock the potential of the depth of EHR data and meet the hospital reporting needs.

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