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By admin, February 24, 2014

Customer Profile: Our client iMedicor, Inc., founded in 2001 and based in Nanuet, New York, is a national provider of comprehensive secure communications solutions for the healthcare community. iMedicor offers physicians and other healthcare professionals the use of a HIPAA-compliant communications network that addresses current federal standards for security and Interoperability. iMedicor’s solutions facilitate secure exchange of patient documents and information and practice productivity in real-time.

Current Trends

In health system, paper-based communications have inherent inefficiencies that result in poor service, duplication, errors and wasted time. Therefore, there has been an increased interest, focused on standardized, secure, electronic transfer of health information among physicians, healthcare professionals and health care organizations, known as health information exchange (HIE). Nowadays, to enable even more seamless communication among healthcare professionals and the same, SocialHIE has come into existence.

Business Situation

iMedicor SocialHIE is an online social/professional architecture coupled with Health Information Exchange (HIE), developed on Liferay platform. iMedicor SocialHIE enables healthcare professionals who are its members, to exchange patient-centric information via the Internet with other members, who are part of their communities, within a secure HIPAA-compliant environment and even between disparate EHR systems. iMedicor SocialHIE required standard system maintenance and support, along with development of new features and improvement of existing functionalities, so they approached us, Leo TechnoSoft, to help accomplish the same goals.


Leo TechnoSoft worked jointly with iMedicor’s business team to deliver a proper solution based on client’s specific requirements. Some of the solution’s features involved customization of core Liferay functionality, themes and layouts and custom portlet development. The customizations made to Liferay by our expert team of Liferay developers worked towards enhancing the user experience of all iMedicor SocialHIE members. Main challenge in the project was to understand the client’s requirements in the absence of an authorized and clear specifications document at the beginning of the project. Still the solution was delivered within the stipulated time period.


• Liferay 6.1.1
• JavaScript
• CSS3
• My SQL 5.5


iMedicor SocialHIE web application is built on Liferay, however to keep the design aligned with client’s ideas, all features and functionalities were styled and customized.

The web application has following features:

• Secure instant messaging that supports internal staff requirements, facilitates appointments and referrals with other practices, and allows off-site physicians to contact staff from the hospital immediately.
• Members can create their own practices.
• Members can create personal lists and send messages to specific lists.
• Members can send and receive secure messages with attachments.
• Members can share patient-centric data, images and test results with numerous recipients.
• Members can build communities of referral and peers networks.
• Members can access vast catalog of accredited continuing medical education (CME) programs.


• Well-tested platform that allowed them reliability and ease-of-use.
• Enhanced satisfaction among healthcare professionals using the technology.
• Intuitive user interface, which improved the visual appeal of the iMedicor SocialHIE application.
• Healthcare professionals, hospitals, physicians and health information exchanges who are members of iMedicor’s SocialHIE will be able to stay connected within iMedicor’s social networking architecture, and will also be able to communicate with other professionals and physicians outside the network in a secure environment.

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