Immortalize Case Study

By admin, March 30, 2018



Every human being is special in their own way. When someone close to the heart passes away, it creates a vacuum in life. Immortalizing them through social media can be one possible way to overcome the loss. Though it is not possible to stay connected with them in real life, it is possible to have remembrance of their life journey through this application.

Our client has approached with the incredible idea of immortalizing the loved one. He came up with the idea that would let people connect with their family, friends, mentors and influences. Therefore, he had the desire to build the social media platform with these unique features.

What is Immortalize ?

Immortalize is a social media platform for people who would like to immortalize the memory of their loved ones. This platform has some unique features of giving authentication of your profile to another person. This person can be among one of the family member, friend, or any close one and that person will be your trustee. You give full authorization of your profile so that the trustee can handle it after you have passed away.

This platform allows the trustee to have complete control of the social media profile of the loved one who had passed away. This trustee can upload or share the images or videos of the memories, celebration or achievements through his or her account.

Along with this incredible feature, Immortalize not only connects with family, friends, mentor or influencer but also lets you communicate with the mentors. Through this platform, you can build the mentor networking. You can also share the autobiographies, biographies or memories of the families, friends, influencers and mentors.


Our client approached Leo Technosoft to overcome the following challenges for building the social media platform .
1: Compression :

The platform required the functionality of the uploading the images and videos. The challenging thing was to maintain the compatibility with all the devices.

2: Robust and lightweight :

This networking platform is developed for the people across the globe. So,making it compatible with all the existing devices and making it lightweight was challenging as it contains sharing of images and videos.

3: Performance management :

Being the social networking site, people will be sharing biography and autobiography and lets them communicate with the mentors or influencers. Therefore providing the communication ease and protection from the data leakage to maintain confidentiality was crucial.

4: 24×7 Support :

This platform has a wide scope of improvisation as the social media platform always demands to stay updated with latest and innovative feature. So providing continues support was challenging.


To speedily transform the idea into reality, first we extended the team size. One of the major challenges was the media uploading and that was solved by converting the videos into mp4 format and image compressing.

To make the platform robust and lightweight, the most suitable web application development programing language AngularJS was used. AngularJS was used because it consists of inbuilt tools such as inbuilt template, data binding etc.  Along with that Laravel framework was used, which gives expressive coding syntax that helped in smooth development of project.

This Social networking platform is accessed globally, so 24×7 support is given by the team.


Immortalize the loved ones :

The special platform is for sharing the memories or life stories of the friends, family who have passed

Mentorship networking  :

For the individual following and communicating with the mentor is the most inspiring experience. This platform helps in building the mentorship networking.

Connect anytime :

Due to the Immortalize platform, it lets the person connect anytime from anywhere, which contributes to building the relationships and improving social networking.

Conclusion :

Angular JS development company successfully built the new social media platform is immortalizing the loved one through their profile on Immortalize.

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  • PHP
  • Laravel framework
  • Angular JS

Development Duration

1.5 years

Team Size

4 people

Agile Methodology