Innovative Education Portal Developed in Sakai | EDCONNECT

By admin, June 30, 2014

Customer Profile: Our client, EdConnect, is a global leader in the area of mobile education. They provide a customized dynamic learning platform to meet the teaching and learning needs of students, teachers, parents and members of the wider school community.

Current Trends

Today, with revolution of mobile devices, students, teachers and parents, all expect to interact online over all types of mobile devices; and they are constantly looking for a more collaborative approach to support the education process. Thus, various schools are looking for solutions to implement and monitor new schemes aimed at meeting students, teachers and parents’ expectations.

Business Situation

The client approached Leo TechnoSoft seeking to get an innovative education portal developed that would enable teachers to manage courses online and would facilitate online collaboration of teachers and students.


Leo TechnoSoft worked jointly with the client’s business team to deliver a proper solution based on client’s specific requirements. Our expert team of developers, keeping client’s requirements in mind, used the open-source Sakai, the most interoperable, adaptable, scalable and reliable platform for developing the learning and collaboration portal.

While Sakai has almost all of core features that the client desired, however during development, the client wished for some extra new features that the client envisioned being useful tools. We were able to develop and customize the features and functionality that were most important to the client.

The Leo TechnoSoft team developed and customized the code for the following features requested by the client:

1. Customization in User Interface – Home Page, Resources, Assessments, Attendance, Reporting, Student Profile, Online Interactive Student Diary, Alerts/Notifications
2. General Requirements – Development of User Management, Account Creation/Modification, Account Removal, Password Controls, Password Change and Recovery
3. Development of Access/Availability and Integration – System Access, System Availability/Performance/Backup
4. Other Enhancements – Regulatory and Legal, Display and Design


• Sakai version 2.9.1
• JavaScript
• CSS3
• Jsp


• Instruction
• Communication and Collaboration
• User Features
• Site Features (Course Sites and Work Sites)
• ePortfolio
• Administration
• Media, Content and Systems Integration


• The solution facilitates best-practice teaching and learning.
• It allows creation of shared workspaces for managing and sharing classroom activity with the appropriate security rules.
• It streamlines the collection of multiple forms of data and provides instant access in the same through the education portal.
• It enables teachers to view a student’s profile, academic progress and extra-curricular activities simultaneously.
• It provides mobility in education, increases productivity and engages learners to be discerning, confident and inspired global citizens.