Investment Banking Case Study

By admin, April 11, 2018

Investment banking


The financial firm has to show the transparency to their investors and account holders. The important aspect of the bank is to verify the investors to prevent financial fraud, identification of theft and money laundering. It helps banks to manage financial transactions prudently and at the same time comply with the government regulation.

The way a financial firm is serving the customer is changing. The financial firms are seeking for the automation to acquire customer data and the digital transaction to offer 24/7 communication. Understanding the need of the financial firms the web development company in Chicago build the client portal. The client portal has become the communication medium between the banking firm and customers. The client portals are facilitating the investment performance monitoring, risk monitoring and solutions to mitigate risk through alerts. Along with that, they allow updating information and a platform to engage the customer by offering the transparency in the transactions.

Our client is an investment banking organization who was using the legacy system that was redundant and slow. Previously more of manual work was involved. Irrespective of documented communication, the customer pressure for the operational efficiency and transparency was high. Besides the customers, the stakeholders, and workforce, were demanding for the change in the system to minimize the burden.

Client was expecting Leo TechnoSoft the web development company in Chicago to address the following challenges while building the customer portal –


Reduction in paperwork:

Documentation of the each and every transaction and activity is the crucial and important part of any financial firms. They have to maintain it and keep it same which is time-consuming task and expensive too. To store the documents, it requires space to store and human efforts to maintain.

Customer classification:

In the financial firms, there are various types of the account holder and they deal with the number of the transaction. Missing of any document can cause legal repercussions. Therefore, it is a tough process to manage and classify all the customers.

Customer verification:

To prevent financial fraud, identity theft, money laundering and terror financing every customer has to go through the strong verification system.

Performance Monitoring:

The customers were demanding for a mechanism that can offer 24/7 visibility of the performance for their investment.The financial firm wanted to achieve legal, financial and administrative compliance. Also, they wanted to build customers trust by extending the visibility into the investment operations.


Leo TechnoSoft developed Customer web portal for the Banking Investment firm to mitigate the challenges by offering the comprehensive solution.The portal simplified and digitized the registration process and also addressed the classification of account type as per the legal and operational norms. The web development company in Chicago offered two stage authentications to keep the investor data secure and ensured the compliance.The GreenID implementation is used for verifying the user detail and authenticates the profile of the customers, which helps to validate the details provided by the customer.

The Salesforce is integrated with customer portal that offers the visibility in the investment performance monitoring. The verification of the user is done at the time of login. The feature has impacted the bottom line by reducing the overall operation cost and improving the operational efficiency.Once registered, the investors could simply sign in through the portal and monitor investment details through the Investment Dashboard and can also drill down for micro understanding.


Low Cost of Ownership:

The cost of ownership was exceptionally low as it eliminated the cost of customer inception and verification.

E-documentation and storage:

With digitized procedure keeping documents in e-format makes it easy to store and access. The registration processes become simple and easy.

Easy classification system:

Due to automation and well-organized system, it becomes easy to classify and categorize the customers as well as investors into relevant and respective categories or subcategories.

Better verification:

The verification of every transaction and investor became more secure and it reduced the possibilities of misleading identities.


Due to better monitoring processes, there is transparency in investment. Every investment and further follow-up of that investment activities are better managed by the system. Now the users just have to sign in and see the status of their investment.


The project was successfully delivered by the web development company to the client along with Salesforce and greenID integration within the stipulated timeframe


  • PHP
  • Laravel framework
  • MySQL

Development Duration

3 months

Team Size

3 people


Agile Methodology
Benefits of Agile Methodology

  • Faster maturity
  • Speed-to-market
  • Quality
  • Visibility
  • Risk Management
  • Flexibility / Agility
  • Cost Control