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By admin, April 19, 2011

Customer Profile: Our client is an iPhone product company based in the US. They are a perfect blend of expertise and talented mobile application developers, who successfully provide suitable and quality solutions to our global iPhone clients to suit their respective needs.


Have you ever wished to hang out with ‘you’re kind of crowd’? Are you looking forward to meet new people, make new friends and discuss just your kind of stuff? If the answer to the above questions is ‘yes’ then, this incredible social networking software developed by the team of Leo TechnoSoft is just your kind of thing.

Pronounced as “likeable”, it is software designed to help you find out places where you can meet up with like-minded people in your city. All one needs to do is, just tell lykbl what interests you and what kind of crowd you want to socialize with. The rest is taken care of by lykbl. It finds the places with the highest concentrations of ‘your crowd’, so that you can choose your ideal social destination. It has features like:

• Improved user profile management
• IMultiple interests is now easier with lykbl profile tags
• ICrowd search results are now more meaningful with the top interests shown just below each returned place name
• IIntegrated with factual database giving more accurate geocoding results

Your opportunity to socialize with real people is just here!


Social Networking Software

Business Situation

Our client was looking for a geolocation based social network that would help the user to find the events/venues as per their likings. They were looking forward to develop high-end social networking software integrated with the Factual database that would help like minded crowd mingle and develop real associations.


The Leo TechnoSoft team developed software with a user profile management system that would enable entering multiple interests of the user and help in finding well-suited meaningful crowd. This was possible with the use of iPhone SDK, 3.1, SQLite, PHP web services and Objective C technology.


• iPhone SDK 3.1
• SQLite
• PHP web services
• Objective C


This amazing social networking software helps you meet up with your kind of crowd almost effortlessly. It helps you find out places with maximum concentrations of like-minded people in your city.

Developed in the year


Country or Region

United States

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