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By admin, April 19, 2011

Customer Profile: Having an illustrious record of being in the business for nineteen years, our client TK Orlando is a team of artists, writers and marketing professionals dedicated towards creating fresh ideas, branding expertise, develop marketing strategies and create vehicles that not only delivered their messages to their audiences, but inspired them as well..


Thug Shotz is a fun-filled and out-of-the box gaming concept that tests your basic instincts to the core. Developed by the team of Leo TechnoSoft, it’s one of its kinds gripping game that features real people with their real crimes.

Invigorating and entertaining, this game has it all to keep the player enthralled. The concept of the game is to match the thug with the drug. The player has to pick the crack head and match the slime with the crime. What’s more, the player gets to view the actual police mug shots and attempt to guess as to why they were arrested. It gives the player an ample opportunity to give a shot to judge their sixth sense and to recognize how good they are at it.

Encouraged with colorful characters in the game, it helps improve memory and tests the player’s skills at remembering the crime for which any particular celebrity was arrested. Engaging and compelling, this game is one of those where you would love to lay your hands on!


Mobile Gaming

Business Situation

Our client being passionate and dedicated towards innovative ideas was looking for a three in one game that would not only test the memory but also have the potential to be transformed into a great party game.


The team of Leo TechnoSoft developed a game that perfectly fits the requirement of the client through the use of technology like iPhone SDK 3.1, SQLite, PHP web services, Objective C and introduction of colorful characters in the game.


• iPhone SDK 3.1
• SQLite
• PHP web services
• Objective C


Novel and enjoyable, this game tests your instincts, improves memory and sure would be a hit among your guests.

Developed in the year


Country or Region

United States

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