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By admin, April 19, 2011

Customer Profile: Our client has been a leading global provider of educational materials, information and solutions for the Pre-K through 12th grade, Assessment, Higher Education and Professional markets. As a leading provider of print and online solutions it helps teachers teach and students learn and it is committed to providing educators with the tools needed to meet the requirements of groundbreaking reforms.


Top it application developed by Leo TechnoSoft is a fun filled and educative mathematical game which helps the user brush up with the basic mathematical calculations. Top it offers small games about fundamentals of mathematics which are of the grade four levels.

This intrigue application was created for an instant and easy way to practice and reinforce basic addition facts (0–10) and number comparisons. This two-player game consists of eight levels, where the players take turns drawing two cards, finding their sums, and then comparing the sums. The player scores points for correctly finding the sums, identifying the greater sum, and for having the greater sum. In the end, the player with the maximum number of points turns victorious. Backed up with video and audio reinforcement for correct and incorrect answers, this game helps players master addition facts and comparison skills.

Being compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch this enthralling game is designed with features like fully randomized number card deck, correct and incorrect answer feedback, guided/unguided play and full tutorial. This sure is a game that not only keeps you switched on, but is also all the more exhilarative.


Mathematical Game

Business Situation

Our client being a leader in providing high quality information and analysis across global markets for more than a century was looking for quality products and services that could help individuals succeed at all stages of their lives.


The team of Leo TechnoSoft developed a game which takes care of all the mathematical calculations using the technology of iPhone SDK 3.1, PHP web services and Objective C.


• iPhone SDK 3.1
• PHP web services
• Objective C


This specialised and educative game is distinctive and voids the requirement for a game catering the mathematical enthusiasts.

Developed in the year


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United States

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