JCBrace App swiftly helps doctors and patients via prosthetic vendors

By admin, January 17, 2015

Customer Profile: JC Orthopedic Inc. is our client based in Brick, New Jersey. They aim to provide quality Orthotic & Prosthetic appliances that focus on patient needs. They also focus on a comfortable environment for patients. JC Orthopedic Inc. ensures that patients get safe-to-use equipments from the vendors.

Current Trends

JC Orthopedic Inc. employ advanced clinical techniques and the finest products with regards to artificial limbs as well as custom-brace. An easy online equipment order management system can enable doctors and medical practitioners to share patient information and order their requirement to the equipment manufacturer or vendor easily and that is where JCBrace App comes into play. This app is used by doctors who prescribe artificial limbs or braces.

Business Situation

Our client needed a modernized and simplified procedure that would enable the doctors to analyse the requirement of patient and order equipments accordingly. They needed a mobile application that would enable the doctors to send patients’ personal information and their equipment requirements via email to the company’s system as well as to the attending doctor for his/her personal record. Our developers rendered designed JCBrace App as a solution to the client‘s requirements.


Using JCBrace App, doctors register to create accounts and database of the injuries as well as personal information of patients. They also create a list of vendors to choose from. However, a person approaching doctor can also recommend prosthetic or orthotic vendors that he wants to be listed in doctor‘s database. Detail forms are generated from this app. Here, one can select diagnosis like lower extremity or upper extremity, equipments and lastly, personal information related to patient‘s medical history. After a form is filled up, the information provided here is sent to vendor for the further process. This application has been architected to help the client to effectively understand patient’s diagnosis and fabricate the equipment or brace in accordance to the injury of patient.


• Cross platform mobile application that runs on iOS, Windows and Android phones
• PhoneGap
• Apache Cordova
• JavaScript
• CSS3


• Selection of equipment: User (doctor) can easily search and select the Orthotic or Prosthetic equipments that can be suitable for their patients.
• Classify diagnosis: The diagnosis (or injuries) can be classified on the basis of their nature. A doctor can also add his own diagnosis notes if needed.


• Saving paperwork: All records are online. No need to prepare documents on papers.
• Time saving: With records being stored in online databases, one does not need paper for documentation or search for file covers or safe to keep the papers.
• Real time access: JCBrace App provides real-time access to medical records and references to doctors. This enables quick and smarter decisions regarding medical care for the patient.
• Cost-cutting: With paper not being used, paper-based expenses either end or get reduced to a large extent. This saves money.