Knowledge Management System for Pharma Industry

By admin, May 2, 2012

Customer Profile: Our client is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India with global presence. They are committed to striving towards better health for patients worldwide through leading innovation in medicine and are recognized as the brand in major countries worldwide.


The pharmaceutical industry is one such field which requires ways to collect and manage a magnitude of information consistently, to effectively support decision-making. With the constant explosion in raw data, a knowledge management solution remains the key.

The Knowledge Management System developed by Leo Technosoft allows users to store, analyze, interpret and share information as part of coordinated processes. The software enables easy sharing of information, reduces customer support, improves staff productivity and eliminates the time wasted in searching for information across incongruent systems such as shared folders and paper documents. This amazing integrated knowledge management solution is in addition designed to promote deposition, allocation and coordination, for instance: workflows, task lists, intelligent agents, portals at the personal, project and departmental level, advanced query tools, etc, giving users a “hands on” approach.

With the sheer volume of data that companies tussle to manage with, this Knowledge Management System is an apt 24 x 7 solution on hand.


Pharmacy Life Science

Business Situation

Our client wanted to develop a system to organize their abundant knowledge, whether it’s digitized or in some other form, and share it rationally among many individuals. They wanted a useful framework to share, search, rate, print company documents and manage hoards of data instantly as well as eliminate staff training time.


The Leo Technosoft team who are specialists in health care applications, patient data management and pharmaceuticals developed a more organized, high-tech knowledge management solution that stores, retrieves knowledge, shares information securely and reaping many benefits namely time savings.




This prolific knowledge management system would ensure:
Better & Faster Customer Support
Reduced Operational Costs
Reduced Employee Training Time
Centralized & Retained Employee Knowledge

Developed in the year


Country or Region


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