Leo TechnoSoft develops digital Medical Library for easy storage and organization

By admin, September 22, 2016

Information Discovery is critical to complex healthcare environment. Medical science is expeditiously changing. Medical professionals rely on clinical information and medical knowledge resources to update their knowledge. It requires an efficient and user oriented library management system that can facilitate relevant information in an instant.

There is a lot that goes into putting together and keeping up physical and digital library. Managing Medias i.e. videos, books, research papers, journals, reports, graphics, Pictures etc. Unique ID numbers for tracking, multiple book copies under a single umbrella. Keep records of available books as well as issued books check-out & check-in etc…

Library needs to cater to a broader user base, and be easy enough to manage that everyone can get what they need. This requires intuitive and seamless library workflow. Flexible access, advance search functionality, and integration capabilities fulfils the requirement of a librarian.

It encountered all the possible challenge before implementing a seamless Library management system developed by Leo Technosoft. Web development company Leo TechnoSoft assisted to build a business case for management approval with achievable return on investment model.

Leo TechnoSoft had all expertise and resources to create digital library.


Hospital faced following challenges:

  • Compilation challenges: The series of documentation required for audit and compliance purpose were difficult to trace required material. It is also time consuming to compile it, arrange it, categorize it and store it for timely access.
  • Storage challenge: More the documents and books, more is the need of bigger space for their storage.
  • Costs incurred: Storage and safe keeping of books would require huge costs that would also include the cost of recruiting manpower for all activities related to compiling, arranging and safekeeping of books.
  • Unauthorized Access: Tracing a book stolen from library is more difficult than checking if someone unauthorized tried to access the library database. Online E-books could be accessed by authorized people or even unauthorized people, depending on security settings.
  • Need for responsive design: With people using mobile devices to access internet, the online source of study and reference needed to be mobile-friendly and have a responsive web-design.

Hence, a digitized library system was needed by the client for the easy storage of reference material and easy access to that. It needed books and reference materials for new doctors and medical interns and keep them on an online database for future reference and easy access.


Developers and experts at Web development company Leo TechnoSoft developed an online medical library. The effort changed the situation considerably with new system in place online Library is providing new services and to encompass new functions that lie outside the scope of traditional library. It is playing an active role in serving the future information needs of health sciences professionals.

The major module included; Online Registration, Cataloguing Module, Online Access of catalogue, Book & document record, Circulation (check in/out status,), Reports. User notifications feature helped notified users when the item relevant to their search was found.

The remedy offered by Leo TechnoSoft resulted in following solutions that countered challenges and offered various benefits


  • Cost saving: Digital library also saved the storage cost, compilation cost and manpower cost, along with the time needed for all of these activities.
  • Easy compilation and categorization of all reference material: All the informative literature, study material and reference material uploaded in the library was categorized in four categories namely Dieticians, Disasters, Nurses and Pharmacists.
  • User friendly search for all relevant material: Due to new digital library, search was easy for Dieticians to obtain study and reference material for doctors that focused on the diet of patients under their counseling. Doctors could now easily find and access informative literature and study material regarding medical treatment prescribed to counter the injury or trauma symptoms arising from disasters and accidents. Other helpful searches were study material for nurses and information about pharmacies.
  • Compliance: The solution offered by web development company Leo TechnoSoft complied with all legal and corporate mandates.
  • Responsiveness: The digital library developed by Leo TechnoSoft had a responsive design. It was mobile-friendly and could be accessed from all devices.
  • Security: Online digital library has a strong security system. It ensures document security and document authenticity. Digitizing the library also ensures the data security for all reference material. Various security options are available in the security system of online digital library.
  • Easy Mobile Access: Due to online digital library being responsive, it is easy for users to access it from mobile devices.
  • Optimum storage: Storing everything in e-format would any day require lesser space than a book shelf. However, online digital library offers tonnes of digital space to store various documents and study material.


With online digital library, it became easy to search and access relevant study material for medical interns. This has smoothened the training procedure for interns.

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  • DNN (Dot Net Nuke)
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Asp.Net
  • C#
  • SQL Server 2008

Development Duration

2 Months

Team Size

2 people


Agile Methodology

Benefits of Agile Methodology

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  • Speed-to-market
  • Quality
  • Visibility
  • Risk Management
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